6 Truths I Realized While Rereading Harry Potter {Part 1}

I’m about halfway through my reread of the Harry Potter series (for the 4th or 5th time), and like always, I feel myself rediscovering the magic of this world and the talent of JK Rowling. Each time I revisit Hogwarts and the Wizarding World, the same feels and thoughts run through my head, so I’ve decided to compiled a list of these general facts. Enjoy the first installment of truths I’ve realized while rereading books 1-4.

Harry Potter Series Books 1-4 // Novels and Nail Polish

  1. “Oh snap, I hope the people around me don’t think I’m reading this book for the first time.”
  2. We laugh, we cry. But mostly, we laugh out loud. That is, until Cedric dies, and then the ratio dramatically reverses for the remainder of the series.
  3. Snape is actually a huge asshole. I love his devotion to Lily and triple agent status as much as the next fan, but in the first half of this series, he is RUDE.
  4. Oh hey, vanishing cabinet. I see you!
  5. Harry and Expelliarmus go WAY back.
  6. (This isn’t anything new but…) Every day I continue to die a little inside knowing that my Hogwarts letter hasn’t come yet.

What are some of the thoughts you always have while rereading HP? Happy Reading!


3 thoughts on “6 Truths I Realized While Rereading Harry Potter {Part 1}

  1. Why isn’t apparition or floo powder or just any of the non muggle transportation methods possible? I mean that would just make life infinitely easier lol

    And it always makes me want to buy a house with a little cupboard under the stairs which I would make all cozy and comfy, with lights and everything just to chill…and wait for my letter from Hogwarts.


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