Green & Gold {St. Patrick’s Day 2016}

Happy St. Patrick’s Day people! In my world, this day really comes down to green & gold nail art and taking pictures with green things… So here’s a fun photo of just that!

St. Patrick's Day Nail Art // Novels and Nail PolishI went with a simple color-blocked design for these nails, with a couple polka dot accents. St. Patrick’s Day is one holiday where I’m not a huge fan of literal manicures, so every year it’s my mission to find new, CUTE ways to celebrate this holiday. I’m pretty sure this is my favorite one yet!

Happy Reading!


Happy Earth Day

UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not. {The Lorax}

Happy Earth Day, my friends! While today puts how we treat our Earth in the spotlight, it should really be something we thing about everyday. So in honor of this great planet we call home, I’m throwing it back to my Lorax inspired manicure!

Read Across America Day // Novels and Nail Polish Read Across America Day // Novels and Nail PolishHappy Earth Day and Happy Reading!

Lucky Look {St. Paddy’s Day}

St. Patrick’s Day is one of those fun holidays that inspires great nail art. Who doesn’t love a good green, gold and/or rainbow manicure every once in a while? So this year, I wanted something office appropriate, yet still festive to celebrate the one day a year it’s acceptable to drink green beer!

St. Patrick's Day Nail Art // Novels and Nail PolishI love a simple ruffian manicure. There’s something so unique, yet elegant about the design that I can’t get over. And on top of its inherently classic look, it’s so simple to execute! I went with the two most perfect St. Pat’s Day lacquers I own: Roc Solid {Julep} and OY-Another Polish Joke {OPI}.

St. Patrick's Day Nail Art // Novels and Nail Polish

Let’s just discuss this gold for a moment. It is LITERALLY perfection. It sparkles, it shines, it does everything. But to make it even better, it’s not a rough, chunky glitter. It is basically liquid gold, and I’m in love! Look at it in the sun, I mean LOOK AT IT!

St. Patrick's Day Nail Art // Novels and Nail Polish

Ok, now that I’ve gushed about my love for that gold polish, let’s get down to the design. I always freehand my ruffian manicures, but a French Manicure decal can do the trick if you’re afraid to go without a guide. The trick to free-handing a ruffian mani is to make as few polish strokes as you can. Get a good amount of polish on the brush, set it down in the center of the nail where you want to start the second color, and fan out the brush as you move toward the tip. That way it naturally creates the gradual spread of polish.

St. Patrick's Day Nail Art // Novels and Nail Polish

I chose to switch up the colors on two accent nails, but you could do any combination.

What are you wearing on your nails for St. Patrick’s Day? Happy Reading!

Happy Read Across America Day

My beautiful friends, some dreams do come true. In honor of Read Across America Day, I partnered with one of my FAV nail polish brands, Julep, to create a Dr. Seuss inspired mani. I am so excited to share this fun & colorful manicure with you guys, and I’d love for you to check out my full post over on Julep’s Blog!

Read Across America Day // Novels and Nail Polish

How are you celebrating Read Across America Day? Feel free to come celebrate with me and Julep over on their blog! Happy Reading!

A Sparkling Sendoff

The sun is setting on 2014, and 2015 will be here in the blink of an eye. I’m not 100% sure where the past year went, but it’s gone already! The day is here to kick our nail art game into high glitter gear and pull out all the stops to ring in the New Year!

And you know what? I did just that!

New Year's Eve Nails

I didn’t want just any standard black and gold NYE mani (especially because my next cover-inspired design will be black and gold!), so I went with the equally sparkly and festive white and champagne look! If we’re being honest here, I can’t stop staring at my hands, that’s how happy I am with the way it turned out.

New Year's Eve Nails

The look was completed with Essie Blanc and Julep Nell and Soleil, two polishes from my December Maven box! As always, when striping, always use a quick dry top coat in between the base and accent colors.

New Year's Eve Nails

I would say this is a manicure that looks fancier and harder than it really was to create, which are my favorite kinds. I mainly used striping tape to create all of the color blocks and lines and a dotting tool for the polka dot nail. As for the individual glitter pieces, I went through the painstaking process of individually placing each glitter on the nail with the help of my dotting tool, which wasn’t hard so much as it was tedious. BUT SO WORTH IT!

What are your nails wearing for NYE? Happy 2015 and Happy Reading!