Fani Mani {Fangirl Inspired Manicures}

Fangirl Cover Inspired Manicure // Novels and Nail PolishRainbow Rowell is a contemporary lit goddess! I probably say this more often than I would like to admit, but we love RR around here… case & point my Landline and Attachments cover-inspired manis!

Fangirl was my first Rainbow Rowell book, and has been one of my favorite contemporaries since that moment. What is there not to love about cute boys, nerdy girls, fan fiction and a Harry Potter inspired book within a book (side note – who is STOKED for Carry On??)! So when I found out about the new special edition versions, I seriously had to talk myself out of buying all THREE. I settled on the salmon cover from Target, and I’m very pleased!

Now comes the fun part!

Fangirl Cover Inspired Manicure // Novels and Nail Polish

Fangirl Cover Inspired Manicure // Novels and Nail Polish

I put a ton of pressure on myself not to mess these guys up because I’m so in love with both the story and the covers. That’s probably what took me so long to actually do them after reading the book – but now I’m ready. Let’s start with the original!

Fangirl Cover Inspired Manicure // Novels and Nail Polish

Mint and Fangirl – you can’t have one without the other. I don’t think I can count the number of times I’ve taken a pic for Instagram of mint/pastel/rainbow books and Fangirl is ALWAYS in there!

To get the iconic minty color, I used two coats Essie Fashion Playground. A couple of details that stood out to me on this cover were the thought and speech bubbles, as well as the adorable Levi illustration. I played with minimalist versions of the bubbles and plaid pattern of his shirt for the accent nail.

Fangirl Cover Inspired Manicure // Novels and Nail Polish

Fangirl Cover Inspired Manicure // Novels and Nail PolishAnd on the other hand (pun totally intended!), the Collector’s Edition Fangirl!

Fangirl Cover Inspired Manicure // Novels and Nail Polish

When I first sat down to paint this mani, I had trouble finding the perfect way to interpret the cover differently than the previous design. I didn’t want to take the easy route of same design, different colors. And it’s actually really funny the random places inspiration hits. I was walking out of Ulta after buying the teal I needed for the cover and BOOM, I knew what I wanted to do! Color blocked stripes that are inspired by the block letters of the title.

I got the perfect salmon with two coats of Julep Alicia, and painted a diagonal color block accent nail with China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise and Zoya Selene. From the start, I’ve never been into actual people on my nails, but Cath and Levi are highlighted so much more on the special edition cover. To pull from them, I painted Cath’s top knot and a heart on my middle finger using the Julep Plie Wand, which is seriously a lifesaver when it comes to painting detail!

Fangirl Cover Inspired Manicure // Novels and Nail Polish Fangirl Cover Inspired Manicure // Novels and Nail PolishDo you buy collector editions of your favorite books? Happy Reading!


Tiny Target Haul

When I dream, it looks like the Target Dollar Spot.

What’s sad is I’m not even kidding! You walk in, needing only toilet paper or shampoo, and you walk out the proud owner of a desk organizer, gold arrow pushpins and 8 packs of tissue paper you obviously need. Or at least, that’s what your brain high on Target air wants you to believe!

Target Haul // Novels and Nail PolishThis past weekend, I fell down the Dollar Spot rabbit hole, and four beautiful notepads and pen packs later, I emerged in the book section, staring straight at the Target Exclusive Special Edition Fangirl. But try as you might, you definitely can’t tell me that those pretty pencils and chic notepads don’t match perfectly with my brand new shelf candy! I’m weak when it comes to the newest pen duo or Thank You note design, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So what are you waiting for?? Get out there and fall madly in love with the Dollar Spot’s office stationery! Happy Reading!

Just Take My Money {Rainbow Rowell}

Like her namesake, Rainbow Rowell lights up my bookshelf with her gorgeous books. I’m not kidding! It isn’t a true book rainbow if it doesn’t have at least one of her novels in the lineup. And the stories she creates aren’t half bad either. So let’s just cut to the chase: new Rowell beauties are coming our way this year!

First up, the Fangirl special edition

Fangirl Special Edition

PRETTY. Literally the first thing I could think when I heard about the candy-colored special editions hitting the market in May. Do I want them all? HELL YES. Will I get them all? Probably not all, but at least one! My insides get all giddy thinking about the pastel colors, embossed inner covers and fan art tucked inside. Since my birthday is next month, it’ll definitely be a treat to myself!

Next on the list, Carry On.

enhanced-19465-1429806575-15New Rainbow Rowell? Yes please! Continuing the story of Simon and Baz, Carry On tells readers all about the characters we met in Fangirl.  Buzzfeed released the cover this past week, and I’m absolutely itching to make it a mani! But we’ll have to wait to get our hands on it until October of this year. Thankfully we have our pastel pretties up above to tide us over.

Are you excited for new Rainbow Rowell? Happy Reading!

{Woman Crush Wednesday} Rainbow Rowell

GUYS, I’m really excited for this new series! As some of you might know, I’m a social media coordinator at an agency in LA, so in true social-obsessed fashion, I took some cues from trending topics and decided to create a Woman Crush Wednesday/Man Crush Monday series. We’re kicking it off today!

I give this lady a lot of love on Novels and Nail Polish, so it’s only right that I should start off this series with none other than… Rainbow Rowell!

Landline by Rainbow Rowell

I’ve now read all of her books, and two have already been inspiration for my manicures. And on top of being an incredible writer, she seems like a funny, down to earth woman (via social media of course).

Landline Inspired Manicure

One thing that makes her stand out from so many other authors is her ability to tell timeless, relatable stories. Whether it’s one of her YA books or an Adult Contemporary, the themes can relate to anyone. She’s the perfect example that YA isn’t just for kids, and it only means the main characters are young, not the lessons and complexity.

Fangirl Quote

Thanks for being an incredible addition to women authors, Rainbow! Happy Reading!

Unexpected Attachments

Attachments Cover Inspired ManicureAnother day, another dollar for Rainbow Rowell. And in her case, another dollar is another incredibly written novel! Attachments was the last of her four books out that I’ve read, and honestly, I was a little bit worried. I’d heard that it paled in comparison to some of her other books, and while the story felt a tiny bit dated in a way that Eleanor & Park didn’t, I still adored it!

Attachments follows Lincoln, an “internet security officer,” whose job is to snoop through company emails, looking for sordid and inappropriate conversations. He quickly finds himself immersed in the lives of Beth and Jennifer, and soon they’re the Three Musketeers, except they don’t know he’s involved.

This book made me smile, laugh and cry purely out of happiness. I love LOVE, and this novel found a special place in my heart that I’d thought had frozen over. And, just like her other books, the cover is perfect for a manicure!

Tools I Used // Julep Sheila + Sally + Essie Bikini So Teeny
Tools I Used // Julep Sheila & Sally + Essie Bikini So Teeny

The cover has a very vintage vibe and theme, and I had the perfect colors. Julep Sally is described as an “antique ivory,” which means it was born to be the base for this mani. Julep Sheila is a “cherry pie creme,” and is so compatible with Sally. I also wanted to bring in a bit of that pretty periwinkle that just accents the cover color palette, which is where Essie’s Bikini So Teeny comes in.

Attachments Cover Inspired Manicure

I liked the idea of color blocking with the ivory and red to bring in the design of the two-toned title. I used striping tape to get the randomized, classic feel of the blocks, and threw in a couple of blue polka dots and stripes for fun. Once all of that was dry, it was time to decide what designs I was going to paint.

Attachments Cover Inspired ManicureI knew I wanted a paperclip from the beginning, so that was an easy choice. I used the fine-tip nail art pens from my Sephora kit to paint both of the designs. The desk chair came about more on a whim. I honestly didn’t think I was going to be able to pull it off, but I did, and I’m quite proud of myself! I practiced once on a piece of paper, and then just went for it! This, plus my Landline manicure, is another reason I love Rainbow. Her covers push me to try new designs and be a better artist!

Attachments Cover Inspired ManicureHave you read Attachments? What did you think? Happy Reading!

Seasons Readings – A Book Lover’s Gift Guide

What is a niche blog without a holiday gift guide? Not much, I can assure you! I’m happy to introduce the very first Novels and Nail Polish Gift Guide for book worms and polish lovers alike. ENJOY!

Novels and Nail Polish Gift Guide

  1. Litographs The Great Gatsby Book Poster ($24) – A good book is a work of art, but this takes it to a whole different level! The Litographs book posters use the text of classic novels and turn them into a gorgeous, visual display of the book.  Grab this for the artsy-fartsy book nerds in your life!
  2. Litographs Temporary Book Tattoo ($5/set of 2) – I adore these temporary tattoos from Litographs! I joined the lucky group of backers for their tattoo Kickstarter campaign, and am now a part of the world’s longest temporary tattoo chain. These tattoos are made to be entertainment quality, just like the ones makeup artists use in the movies and TV shows. They apply easily, and if you’re a commitment-phobe, you’ll finally be able to live out your tattoo dreams!
  3. Nails Inc Winter Wonderland ($29) – There are two main reasons I love NailsInc. One, the polishes apply beautifully. Two, their new bottles are absolutely gorgeous! I definitely bought this set for myself on Black Friday, and it is perfection for the holidays! For ladies that want to sparkle and shine their way through December, these are a must!
  4. Rifle Paper Co. Puffin in Bloom Collection ($16 each) – Those who are familiar with my previous post about cover redesigns know my love for the Anna Bond designed covers runs deep! Whether you’re looking for shelf candy or actually want to read these classics, they’re a must-have for any serious book collector.
  5. Fangirl ($19) + Mint Polish in Original Mint ($12) – If you love YA Fiction, chances are you love Rainbow Rowell, or have at least heard of her. She’s written a handful of incredibly popular and moving stories, and Fangirl was the first, and favorite, I’ve read of hers! The cover is the perfect mint, so it’s no surprise that I paired it with Mint Polish’s Original Mint! I am a huge fan of this brand and their products, and if you’re going for mint, why wouldn’t you grab it from a company who shares the name?!
  6. I’ll Give You The Sun ($18) + Essie Polishes in Capri, In The Cab-ana & Blanc ($8.50) – I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson was one of the most highly anticipated YA novels of the fall. It’s two stories in one, each half told by a brother and sister. It’s high on my TBR list, especially because I already have a couple of great ideas for a cover-inspired manicure! I paired Essie polishes with it because the brand is one of my go-to lacquers. White, aqua and orange effectively capture the essence of the cover, without looking like a circus!
  7. AngeliqueInk Custom Book Stamp ($40) – I received this stamp for my birthday six months ago, and it quickly became one of my prized bookworm possessions. The simple type paired with the custom hand-lettered calligraphy embodies everything I love in design. Stamps like this will bring the biggest smile to any book hoarder in your life!
  8. R. Nichols READ Candle ($45) – How many people would raise their hand if I asked who loves the smell of libraries and old books? A TON, I’m sure. If you’re one of those bibliophiles, this beautiful book candle will be the perfect addition to your reading nook!
  9. ThinkGeek Book Pillows ($10) – Pillows are important, but they’re not all created equal. That’s where these ThinkGeek book pillows come in! This set is their holiday collection, and they’re completely and totally necessary for your next all-night read-a-thon!
  10. Hogwarts Travel Posters ($15 each) – Harry Potter. Minimalist travel posters. Enough said, my friends.

Tell me, what’s on your Christmas list? I’m always looking for more book/nail polish things to add to my already massive collections! Happy Reading!


A Fall Fairytale

I have a little story for you today. Picture this…

Once upon a time, a fair maiden lived in the enchanted southern region of California. She longed to see something she’d only heard tell of in her mother’s stories: Autumn. You see, where she lived, there was only one season: warm. But she knew there was a way to make her dream a reality, by making the pilgrimage to the mystical Tree of Fall.

And you know what? She did just that, and there she was rewarded with leaves of scarlet, gold and orange. She was filled with joy and contentment , and she lived happily ever after.

Fall Leaves and Books

The ‘once upon a time’ of that story was this past weekend, the magical princess is me and the ‘Tree of Fall’ is the ONLY tree on my street that makes it look like November. All I wanted was a few pictures of my new TBR list additions with the pretty fall leaves, but that’s a tall order in SoCal. All of the damn leaves by my house are GREEN, just as the sky is still blue. But I found the perfect tree, which allowed me to take the perfect pictures.

Fall and Paper Towns

Fall and Attachments

Have you read either of these contemporaries? I’d love to hear what you think of them! Happy Reading!