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Hi there!

I hope you’re enjoying a peak into my book and nail polish filled world! Feel free to reach out to me to say hi, or for any book or nail polish reviews! Also, don’t forget to check out Novels and Nail Polish on Social Media! {Links in sidebar}

Email: taylor{dot}j{dot}freeman{at}gmail{dot}com

On Goodreads.


One thought on “Contact Me

  1. Hi there ! I just discovered your blog and I really like it, you’re posts really are lovely ! I also really like the lampions hanging on your bookshelves. Could you tell me where they’re from ?
    I found your blog because I was looking for blogs about books, nailpolish or any other of my passions 🙂 That’s because I want to start up a blog about it myself too. Do you have any tips for me to start ? How do I for example get people to read my blogposts ?

    Thanks already !

    Charlotte, 17years old

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