8 Truths I Realized While Rereading Harry Potter {Part 2}

My time in the Wizarding World has come to a close once more. I laughed, I cried, I cried some more. Even though I’ve read this series multiple times, I’m in awe of how moved I am every single time I pick it up. There is nothing like it out there and there never will be. But I have faith that long after we’re all gone, this series will continue to touch young readers hearts the way it did mine & countless others, and turn them into the future’s bookworms!

Now enough sap. Let’s talk about some of the (ridiculous) thoughts I had while reading the final three books of the Harry Potter series.

Harry Potter Series Books 5-7 // Novels and Nail Polish

  1. But really guys, what were the first 20 Educational Decrees? I think we missed something here!
  2. I’m pretty sure these History of Magic students have been learning about Giant Wars for the entirety of their magical education.
  3. I’ve always wondered what you look like from the outside while looking into the Pensive. You fall in, but Snape is still able to grab and pull Harry out.
  4. Roonil Wazlib (result of the dying spell-check quill) – the original Adele Dazeem!
  5. Dumbledore is ALWAYS a gentleman, even when Harry is acting like a fool.
  6. I felt real sadness when starting book 7, knowing that the series is going to be all over again!
  7. There is a TON of underage drinking that goes on in this series. Teenagers drinking mead left and right!
  8. Would it be acceptable to just continuously reread the HP series over and over? Because it seems like a completely reasonable thing to me. Who needs new books?

There ya have it friends. Some of the thoughts I had while rereading the Harry Potter series. If you missed the first installment of Thoughts While Rereading HP, check it out!

Have you ever wondered any of these things? Tell me about them! Happy Reading!


6 thoughts on “8 Truths I Realized While Rereading Harry Potter {Part 2}

  1. I feel the same sadness every time I’m finishing up another re-read too! I couldn’t read the epilogue last time. Just started over fresh 🙂

  2. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who rereads constantly. I joke that I miss my friends, and we need to have ourselves a little visit. There was a romance novel by Nora Roberts that had this brilliant entrepreneur protagonist in it, and I find myself drawn to that book every time I’m in a work slump with my business. Works like a charm every time!

    Now, I’m on a super fantasy kick (my true love), and nothing new seems as good as my old friends… Harry Potter sounds amazing right now.

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