Vintage Vibes

Sometimes a color palette just appears in you head and you have to run with it. Case and point, this retro-chic pastel color combo I’m currently in love with. The colors are all soft and feminine, and together, they feel like they’re from another place.

Vintage Vibes Inspiration Board // Novels and Nail Polish

Inspiration collages like the one above have always been one of my favorite types of images on the internet. It’s definitely a goal of mine to put these together for more of my manicures!

Vintage Vibes Manicure // Novels and Nail Polish To achieve this fun, retro look, I combined some of my favorite pastel polishes from Julep, Mint and Essie. With the help of a little striping tape and matte top coat, the finished product came to life, and it was exactly what I hoped for!

Do you love pastels as much as I apparently do? Happy Reading!

hairpin image via brit & co.

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