Inspired Instas {6}

A funny thing happened this past week on Instagram. For the first time, I experienced people stealing my pictures/ideas! On one hand, I am flattered that people like my photos and manicures that much, but it mainly disappoints me that a simple fix of tagging me in the photo would totally avoid this problem. Thankfully, there haven’t been A TON of occurrences for me, because I know some people have to deal with that a lot. I just wish people had the respect to always give credit where it is due!

Enough of my soapbox though, back to the prettiness! I think I’ve finally found a general Insta theme that I really love. From the beginning, I tended to use the same handful of filters: Valencia, Walden and Nashville. Recently, I tend to gravitate toward Nashville in almost every photo and I’m really happy with the way my photos look!

Motivational Monday: I love to doodle pretty words and quotes from time to time, and one morning, I felt I needed a little extra oomph to get me through the work day. This quote, plus the pretty peony on my desk, made the day fly by!

Quote and flower

WIWT: A great outfit + great book can have an incredible effect on your day and self-confidence! We had a mini fashion shoot in my office this day, and it was too fun.


Naked Bookstack: There is so much beauty in pretty dust covers, but there is equal amount of beauty in a naked book! Some covers just shine when naked, and these three were perfect together!

Naked Book Stack

TATBILB Cover Inspired Manicure: This is one of my favorite book manicures I’ve done to date! It conveys the feeling of both the dust jacket and naked cover, while being simple enough to stand as chic manicure without the cover for explanation!

TATBILB Manicure

Welcome Fall: Autumn is back! I love boot and sweater weather! Bring on the changing leaves and chilly nights.

Happy Fall

NailKale Manicure: The kale trend has been hot for the last couple of years, but the closest I’ll get to the nasty green stuff is on my nails in the form of Nails Inc. NailKale! Its application is wonderful and has great staying power! Can’t wait to purchase more colors from the line.

NailKale Manicure

fREADom: Last week celebrated Banned Book Week. I grabbed a couple of my favorite banned books and made this pretty stack!

Banned Book Stack

Fall Sky: The past weekend was gorgeous here in Southern California. There was a slight chill in the breeze and the sky was bright blue! I had to take advantage of it while reading We Were Liars (which was incredible and will have its own cover-inspired manicure soon).

Book and Sky

Fangirling: Some of my favorite posts to create AND some of the most popular on my Instagram have been quote posts. I love finding my favorite quote and telling a story through it.

Fangirl Quote

National Coffee Day: Yesterday was National Coffee Day, and unfortunately I wasn’t feeling too hot. But that was improved a bit by a good book and a pretty mug.

National Coffee Day

Happy Reading!


Inspired Instas {5}

It’s been a while since I’ve done an Inspired Insta post, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been active on Instagram. In fact, I would love to take this moment to thank everyone who has followed me over the last month because… I REACHED 500 FOLLOWERS! It stuns and humbles me everyday that people love the things I am passionate about and find pretty!

Now that I’ve gotten my gushing out of the way, lets get to some of Novels and Nail Polish’s most popular Instas this past month!

R is for Rainbow Rowell: It is no secret that I love everything Rainbow Rowell! My name convinently ends in an “R,” which gave me the perfect prop for this photo! It features one of the pretty letters that spell out my name on my bookshelf!

R is for Rainbow Rowell

Kate Spade Goodies: I am obsessed with a few things: books, bows and gold. Luckily for me (but not for my wallet), Kate Spade is all about those things too! So in love with my bow push pins and pretty notebook/2015 calendar!

Kate Spade Office Accessories

5 Shades of Grey Ombre Mani: While I didn’t love the books, I love the inspiration I found from the 50 Shades Trilogy!

50 Shade of Grey Nail Polish

A Great and Terrible Beauty Polishes: The Gemma Doyle Trilogy has been one of my favorite series since the end of high school. I was so happy to find the perfect colors in my Julep collection to match the gorgeous covers!

A Great and Terrible Beauty Nail Polish

Gone Reading: Labor Day this year was a time for relaxing and enjoying my family’s company! BRB, I’ve gone reading!

Gone Reading

Fight On: I am a proud USC Trojan! It is my Alma Mater, and I love dressing my nails up for Gameday!

USC Inspired Nail Art

To All The Boys: I’ve been seeing this pretty book all over the internet, and it is just as cute as it is gorgeous to look at!

To All The Boys I've Loved Before Quote

Pastel Book Rainbow: Who doesn’t love a good book rainbow? I know I do! I also found out that I don’t have any pastel pink books. I gotta work on changing that!

Pastel Book Rainbow

Gone With The Wind: If you’ve paid attention at all, you probably have realized that Gone with the Wind is my favorite classic of all time. There is just something so compelling about the details and characters. And pretty much the most famous quote in life… EVER comes from it!

Gone With The Wind Quote

Happy Reading!

Inspired Instas {2}

Last week, I started a new series here on N&NP called Inspired Instas, where I talk about some of the inspiration behind my Instagram posts of the past week! This week was filled with cyborgs, Grisha and pretty things!

Rose Gold Accessories: I’m obsessed with rose gold, so I was very excited to realize my purse AND my book had rose gold details!

Rose gold accessories

Trilogies I Love: I love Dystopian YA Fiction, and over the years I’ve fallen in love with these trilogies!


Landline Mani: One of my most popular cover-inspired manicures, and the publisher, St. Martins Press, even re-posted my picture! So happy! 🙂

Landline Inspired Manicure

Glass Slipper: After meeting Marissa Meyer this week, I was in the mood to start re-reading The Lunar Chronicles. And my glass slipper is too perfect next to a book about Cinderella!

Glass Slipper

Have a great week! Happy reading!

Landline Lovin’

Who loves Rainbow Rowell?? I DO!! What isn’t there to love about her adorable love stories and cute book covers! Her brand new book, Landline, is no exception. Sometimes she writes about teens and sometimes she writes about adults, but no matter the age, her stories have touched me and made me think.

One reason Rainbow Rowell continues to produce work that is so special comes from her ability to capture the different facets of love and relationships. Their ups and downs, laughs and tears, struggles and triumphs.

Landline follows Georgie McCool as she makes the difficult decision to spend Christmas working instead of with her husband and two daughters in Omaha. Through a series of flashbacks that get us caught up on Georgie’s relationship with long-time best friend Seth and husband Neil. Things really get interesting, though, when Georgie realizes that the Neil she thought she was talking to is actually 23-year-old boyfriend Neil! Is this the chance she’s been waiting for to fix their marriage or is she supposed to stop things before they ever happen?

I haven’t read Attatchments, Rowell’s other Contemporary Adult Fiction novel, so I was interested to see how much would differ in the story and style in comparison with her YA novels, Fangirl and Eleanor & Park. I was pleasently surprised to find that really the only thing that changed was the fact she was writing about an adult couple. I was worried her voice and style would lose its captivating fun and engaging details, but it didn’t! I devoured the story in just over 24 hours!

Now that I’ve told you how much I adore Landline, let’s do this mani!

Tools I used // Julep Polishes + Banana Republic Polish + OPI Polish + Plie Want & Dotting/Striping Tool
Tools I used // Julep Polishes + Banana Republic Polish + OPI Polish + Plie Want & Dotting/Striping Tool

When I saw the cover of this book, I was SO EXCITED to paint my nails! Perfect color palette plus cute images had me inspired right away. Grey and pink are two of my favorite colors together, so I wanted the striped spine incorporated into  my overall design. I took the rest of the cover pretty literal, choosing to paint an old-fashioned telephone on my ring finger and continue the cord across my other two nails.

Landline Inspired ManicureTo create the yellow telephone, I grabbed my Julep Plie Wand and dotting tool. I made two yellow dots and with the extra paint, connected them with a line. I tried a striping brush first to connect the dots, but the line wouldn’t get to the correct width. The cord was a little bit trickier! The long striping brush was harder to control and keep thin, but I made it work.

Landline Inspired Manicure

I’m very proud of how this manicure turned out! This design was the most challenging I’ve attempted so far, but with great risk comes great reward! Normally, I don’t consider myself the artistic type when it comes to painting, so I go a more abstract “inspired” route in my manicures. I’m really excited, though, to continue to learn and try new things when it comes to nail art.

Landline Inspired Manicure

Landline Inspired Manicure

Have you read Landline yet, and do you have a favorite Rainbow Rowell novel? I’d love to hear! Happy Reading!

Inspired Instas {1}

I hope everyone enjoyed their wonderful and relaxing Summer weekend! Starting today, I’m excited to start a brand new weekly series here on Novels and Nail Polish called Inspired Instas. Every Sunday, I’ll share with you some of my Instagram photos from the week and my inspiration behind them!

Bookish Teddy Bear: My tiny version of The Perks of Being a Wallflower fit perfectly in the arms of my vintage Winnie the Pooh teddy!


Book and Bow: The Program Edition: Finished up The Program this week, and all I can say is… What a book! Definitely going to stay with me for quite some time. I reached into my massive collection of hair accessories for a vibrant yellow bow, and it played the perfect co-star in this photo!


Fangirl + essie Fashion Playground: For the first time in a while, I painted my nails without a book cover in mind. What’s funny is that, without meaning to, my nails matched my naked Fangirl!

Ladylike Landline: I love me some Rainbow Rowell in any form! She’s one of my favorite authors, and Landline joined the ranks of Rowell classics. Paired with a pretty flower, this gorgeous cover brightened up my Saturday!


Sneak Peek of Landline Inspired mani: It’s magical when a beautiful cover and great story come together like Landline does, and the second I picked it up, I knew what my cover-inspired manicure would look like! Here’s a peek at the colors I used.


Happy Sunday and happy reading!