A Fall Fairytale

I have a little story for you today. Picture this…

Once upon a time, a fair maiden lived in the enchanted southern region of California. She longed to see something she’d only heard tell of in her mother’s stories: Autumn. You see, where she lived, there was only one season: warm. But she knew there was a way to make her dream a reality, by making the pilgrimage to the mystical Tree of Fall.

And you know what? She did just that, and there she was rewarded with leaves of scarlet, gold and orange. She was filled with joy and contentment , and she lived happily ever after.

Fall Leaves and Books

The ‘once upon a time’ of that story was this past weekend, the magical princess is me and the ‘Tree of Fall’ is the ONLY tree on my street that makes it look like November. All I wanted was a few pictures of my new TBR list additions with the pretty fall leaves, but that’s a tall order in SoCal. All of the damn leaves by my house are GREEN, just as the sky is still blue. But I found the perfect tree, which allowed me to take the perfect pictures.

Fall and Paper Towns

Fall and Attachments

Have you read either of these contemporaries? I’d love to hear what you think of them! Happy Reading!


3 thoughts on “A Fall Fairytale

  1. I’ve read both! I have to say Paper Towns is my least favourite book by John Green – I didn’t like the characters much and it felt so unsatisfying. 😦

    Attachments was decent enough, so it felt kinda unrealistic. I liked it though!

    1. I’ve heard both of those things before! I’ve read all of John Green’s and Rainbow Rowell’s other books, so I’m very interested to see if I have the same opinion as you and a lot other people!

  2. I’ve read both! I’m fond of both authors, though I’m a bigger John Green fan. Paper towns is a good and I’m excited for the movie but it’s nothing I would pressure a friend to read.

    However I just finished reading Attachments and I loved it! I just wanted to scream at the book and damand for more lol. It was lovely though!

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