Fab Fathers {Happy Father’s Day}

Dads. We love ’em! They’re always there when the creepy crawlies need killing or expert financial advice is needed. Or really, advice on anything – I don’t know about you, but my dad basically knows any and everything. He’s the living equivilant of Google, and I love him for it!

There are also some pretty great – and terrible – dads in literature. For me, the term dad never exclusively means biological, especially in books. Harry had SO MANY fantastic father figures, yet none of them were his “real” dad. It’s relationships like those that I love to read about!

Happy Father's Day // Novels and Nail Polish

I’m currently knee-deep in the Mortal Instruments series, so I decided to chat about the dads in these books! Valentine. Terrible dude and even worse dad. I’m only a little bit into City of Ashes, but I really don’t see him redeeming himself at any point! And in stark contrast, there’s Luke. He may not biologically be Clary’s dad, but he’s always been that male constant in her life, who loves her like she’s his own.

I’m so excited to finish this series, and see how these dad figures play out! Happy Reading!


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