For My Besties {National Best Friend Day}

Happy National Best Friend Day! I think a lot of us bookworms would say that our books are our best friends, but people can be pretty great too. I know I’m lucky enough to have really great friends, both people I’m related to and humans that happened to grace me with their presence post-womb evacuation!

Best friends also happen to be some of my favorite relationships in novels. These can come in the form of siblings, lovers or just people characters have met along the way.

National Best Friends Day // Novels and Nail PolishObviously it wouldn’t be National Best Friend Day without acknowledging one of the most epic friendships in all of YA Lit – Harry, Ron and Hermione! And then there are friendships of the twin variety – in the form of Cath and Wren or Jude and Noah. We also have family love – all of the cousins in We Were Liars. And, of course, interspecies friendships – Cinder and Iko!

Whether your closet friends breath via lungs or words on a page, today is a day to celebrate those you love! Happy Reading!


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