Author Q & A with Leah Ward {Blog Tour}

Welcome back to Day 2 of the Novels and Nail Polish stop of the Pinny Blog Tour! Today, I have an awesome Q&A with Leah Ward, the author of Pinny the Bowling Pin!

How and why did you start writing?

Leah Ward: I began writing poetry in high school as a freshman. I wrote a few short stories and had ideas for novels but never actually pursued that until college. I started writing poetry because I had a knack for rhyming and felt that it was the best way to get things off of my chest. Poems can be so powerful, and that is what I wanted my words to be – powerful!

Why YA & children’s books?
LW: Young Adult and Children’s books because they are my favorite to buy and read as a reader. I wanted to write something that I would walk into a store and buy myself. Plus they are just so fun to write!

Where do you find inspiration as an author?
LW: Most of my inspiration is random and the ideas tend to apply to my life in some way. Also, seeing other indie author’s go on book tours and get on the best sellers list is a huge inspiration for me. That’s what I want to do, I want to make a career for myself and what better than writing funny stories about the lives of bowling pins?

When writing a story, how do you know when it’s done?
LW: I normally set a page number guide, so I know what to shoot for. Mostly though, I just sit down, write my heart out, and then make sure all the ends meet!

What was your general inspiration for writing _Pinny The Bowling Pin_?
LW: Pinny was actually created because of how bad I bowled one day. I thought to myself that this seriously cannot be an operator error, it just had to be the pins! And then, as the light bulb lit above my head, I thought ‘what if there was a pin that simply couldn’t fall? That it just stunk at being a bowling pin?’ And BAM! Pinny was created, and his overcoming tale!

What is the most important thing you want readers and kids to take away from the book?
LW: Pinny provides such a great message to children! First off, that you are not limited to what the others surrounding you are doing. You can reach for the stars if you so desire! And if they tell you that you can’t, or pick on you for dreaming big, don’t let it douse your fire because not everyone was built the same! It’s definitely a story that promotes anti-bullying, and to never give up.

Describe your writing style in one word!
LW: Random!

If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be?
LW: Hm… Probably Jennifer Lawrence. I feel like our personalities would mesh so well together. She is hilarious!! And of course, she’s KATNISS!

Fast Facts!
Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate definitely.
Summer or Winter? SUMMER
Morning or Night? Night!
Favorite color? Turquoise
Favorite book? The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer. The entire series is amazing and just a brilliant and original concept.

Check Leah out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (both: @LeahWardAuthor)! Happy Reading!



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