Pinny the Bowling Pin {Blog Tour}

What if you were a bowling pin who just couldn’t fall down? Well that’s just Pinny’s luck! Brand new children’s book, Pinny the Bowling Pin by Leah Ward, follows the story of Pinny, a bowling pin who is teased and rejected by everyone because he can’t seem to do his job and FALL DOWN!

Pinny the Bowling Pin

Goodreads Summary – Bowling Pin’s have feelings, too, in this funny, uplifting and overcoming story of the pin who felt alone because he couldn’t seem to do what all the other pins did – fall.

Poor Pinny just wants to fit in. He is tired of being the last bowling pin standing, making it nearly impossible for kids to bowl a strike. Everyone dislikes the last pin, the lone pin, the one who won’t fall no matter how many others do. As if it isn’t bad enough that the kids don’t like him, even the other pin’s don’t! He is making them look bad after all. But maybe, Pinny wasn’t meant to fit in? Maybe he was meant for something greater! Perhaps a doctor, a rockstar, or even the President!

Kids will be imagining their own humorous occupations for Pinny, and sharing a laugh with the lovable character and the author who finally revealed the truth behind the bowling pins lives. This story is a perfect gift for anti-bullying, for a reminder to kids to never give up, and for those who just want to know why it’s so difficult to bowl a strike!

This is my first children’s book review, and I thought it was very cute and heartwarming. I’d forgotten how much fun it is to read a book with pictures! I will say that the illustrations and images outshine the book itself. While the book has a wonderful message about anti-bullying, I felt it was a bit difficult to connect with the story from time to time. One trap some children’s books fall into is repetitive sentence structure. When this happens, it starts to feel like the sentences are all the same short length, and that was sometimes the case here. That aside, I really was very entertained throughout the whole story, especially because of the humor Ward was able to weave throughout!

Check back tomorrow for a Q&A with author Leah Ward and Wednesday for my Pinny-inspired manicure! The Pinny Blog Tour continues on after that and heads to Milliebot Reads! For the rest of the tour schedule, you can check out Leah Ward’s website. Happy Reading!


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