Nail Salad

Let’s have Taylor story time for a little bit. Once upon a time…

Oh, screw it. I don’t like vegetables or really anything green. Peas, yuck. Broccoli, hell nah. Spinach, kill me. KALE? Wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole. So when I saw an article about the brand new Nails Inc. NailKale line of nail polish, I thought the kale fad had gone wayyyy too far. Off the deep end kind of far! But, I’ve come around, and now LOVE it. The bottle’s design is both gorgeous and unique, with its indented base that acts as a “tester,” reflecting the color onto your nails. The polishes claim to take the vitamin-rich qualities of kale and use them to stimulate advanced keratin production. The line of NailKale features 9 colors, an illuminator and a superfood base coat.

Nails Inc NailKale Swatch

Bruton Mews is a warm forest green that dries completely opaque in two coats. It has a wonderfully shiny finish, and held up rather well throughout the work week (although it stained my cuticles a tad)! I purchased the green for two reasons: because I liked it and because it reminds me of KALE! And if I’m going to wear kale-infused nail polish, might as well go all out! As for the nail health benefits, I can’t say I noticed a huge difference in the one week I was wearing it. Maybe I need the superfood base coat to really see a difference, or maybe it really isn’t any different than regular polish. Either way, still loving it!

NailKale Manicure

Have you tried NailKale? Notice any superfood qualities about it, or just love the colors? Happy Reading!


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