Green & Gold {St. Patrick’s Day 2016}

Happy St. Patrick’s Day people! In my world, this day really comes down to green & gold nail art and taking pictures with green things… So here’s a fun photo of just that!

St. Patrick's Day Nail Art // Novels and Nail PolishI went with a simple color-blocked design for these nails, with a couple polka dot accents. St. Patrick’s Day is one holiday where I’m not a huge fan of literal manicures, so every year it’s my mission to find new, CUTE ways to celebrate this holiday. I’m pretty sure this is my favorite one yet!

Happy Reading!


Nail Salad

Let’s have Taylor story time for a little bit. Once upon a time…

Oh, screw it. I don’t like vegetables or really anything green. Peas, yuck. Broccoli, hell nah. Spinach, kill me. KALE? Wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole. So when I saw an article about the brand new Nails Inc. NailKale line of nail polish, I thought the kale fad had gone wayyyy too far. Off the deep end kind of far! But, I’ve come around, and now LOVE it. The bottle’s design is both gorgeous and unique, with its indented base that acts as a “tester,” reflecting the color onto your nails. The polishes claim to take the vitamin-rich qualities of kale and use them to stimulate advanced keratin production. The line of NailKale features 9 colors, an illuminator and a superfood base coat.

Nails Inc NailKale Swatch

Bruton Mews is a warm forest green that dries completely opaque in two coats. It has a wonderfully shiny finish, and held up rather well throughout the work week (although it stained my cuticles a tad)! I purchased the green for two reasons: because I liked it and because it reminds me of KALE! And if I’m going to wear kale-infused nail polish, might as well go all out! As for the nail health benefits, I can’t say I noticed a huge difference in the one week I was wearing it. Maybe I need the superfood base coat to really see a difference, or maybe it really isn’t any different than regular polish. Either way, still loving it!

NailKale Manicure

Have you tried NailKale? Notice any superfood qualities about it, or just love the colors? Happy Reading!

Inspired Instas {6}

A funny thing happened this past week on Instagram. For the first time, I experienced people stealing my pictures/ideas! On one hand, I am flattered that people like my photos and manicures that much, but it mainly disappoints me that a simple fix of tagging me in the photo would totally avoid this problem. Thankfully, there haven’t been A TON of occurrences for me, because I know some people have to deal with that a lot. I just wish people had the respect to always give credit where it is due!

Enough of my soapbox though, back to the prettiness! I think I’ve finally found a general Insta theme that I really love. From the beginning, I tended to use the same handful of filters: Valencia, Walden and Nashville. Recently, I tend to gravitate toward Nashville in almost every photo and I’m really happy with the way my photos look!

Motivational Monday: I love to doodle pretty words and quotes from time to time, and one morning, I felt I needed a little extra oomph to get me through the work day. This quote, plus the pretty peony on my desk, made the day fly by!

Quote and flower

WIWT: A great outfit + great book can have an incredible effect on your day and self-confidence! We had a mini fashion shoot in my office this day, and it was too fun.


Naked Bookstack: There is so much beauty in pretty dust covers, but there is equal amount of beauty in a naked book! Some covers just shine when naked, and these three were perfect together!

Naked Book Stack

TATBILB Cover Inspired Manicure: This is one of my favorite book manicures I’ve done to date! It conveys the feeling of both the dust jacket and naked cover, while being simple enough to stand as chic manicure without the cover for explanation!

TATBILB Manicure

Welcome Fall: Autumn is back! I love boot and sweater weather! Bring on the changing leaves and chilly nights.

Happy Fall

NailKale Manicure: The kale trend has been hot for the last couple of years, but the closest I’ll get to the nasty green stuff is on my nails in the form of Nails Inc. NailKale! Its application is wonderful and has great staying power! Can’t wait to purchase more colors from the line.

NailKale Manicure

fREADom: Last week celebrated Banned Book Week. I grabbed a couple of my favorite banned books and made this pretty stack!

Banned Book Stack

Fall Sky: The past weekend was gorgeous here in Southern California. There was a slight chill in the breeze and the sky was bright blue! I had to take advantage of it while reading We Were Liars (which was incredible and will have its own cover-inspired manicure soon).

Book and Sky

Fangirling: Some of my favorite posts to create AND some of the most popular on my Instagram have been quote posts. I love finding my favorite quote and telling a story through it.

Fangirl Quote

National Coffee Day: Yesterday was National Coffee Day, and unfortunately I wasn’t feeling too hot. But that was improved a bit by a good book and a pretty mug.

National Coffee Day

Happy Reading!