Nail Polish Favorites // Fall 2014

Fall 2014 Nail PolishIt’s time to fall into autumn! Gone are the days of sweltering temps and short shorts (unless you’re in Southern California like me), and here are the day of sweaters and falling leaves. The transition between summer and fall is one of my favorite season changes. By this point, I’m always ready to pull out my boots, scarves and most importantly, fall nail polish!

Crisp air and a more dramatic, moody color palette screams fall, and that is why I love these colors for this time of year. My selections for Fall 2014 include rich blues and reds, mixed metals and of course, grey.

Fall 2014 Nail Polish

Mixed Metals: I am a lover of gold things, so any chance I get to wear some variation of sparkle, I’m happy. For this season, grey skies look great against a metallic duo of brushed silver and dragonfly gold. Julep’s Brit and Harlow are up to this job! Harlow is wonderfully multidimensional, with its green gold shimmer. And Brit, one of my all time fav Julep polishes, dries matte, a perfect touch for fall.

Fall 2014 Nail Polish

Burnt Red: Julep Sheila has just enough twist on the classic red to work for autumn months. It’s burnt red hue adds a warmth that chilly afternoon’s need.

Fall 2014 Nail Polish

Warm Grey: Who doesn’t love grey for fall is the real question here! It is basically the perfect color for sweater weather and all that jazz. It’s timeless and low maintenance, which makes it easy to throw on in a hurry!

Fall 2014 Nail Polish

Navy and Cream: Navy and cream are the perfect bookends of the light to dark spectrum for fall colors. Summer brings out bright white polishes, so the way to keep that look going into autumn is with a smooth cream. It has enough personality to stand up to the darker hues of fall, while still giving your hands a fresh look.

The easiest way to go dark, without going all the way black, is navy. It’s sexy and sultry and so great for fun fall nights!

Fall 2014 Nail Polish

What colors are you obsessed with for fall? Happy Reading!


4 thoughts on “Nail Polish Favorites // Fall 2014

  1. Love your picks! I’ve been into grays and metallics myself lately, which is unusual for me.
    I really like the look of Harlow! Does it actually look that duochrome on the nails?

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