Inspired Instas {4}

My lovely cousin Mallery turned me onto the Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout this past week, and I’ve been reading them NONSTOP! I conveniently downloaded the first one, Obsidian, for free a couple weeks ago, but I finally started it. Even though there is a very close scene by scene parallel to the Twilight series, the main character, Kat, has WAY more personality than Bella! In the past 7 days, I’ve read the first three and am a quarter of the way through the fourth book, Origins. Unfortunately (or fortunately… however you look at it!), I have them only as e-books. While it makes my purse much lighter, it is going to make cover-inspired manicures very difficult. But hey, maybe I’ll end up featuring my first e-book mani!

Bookish Backs: I love my copy of Disney A to Z by Dave Smith. I already know a ton about everything Disney, but during those rare moments when I find myself at a loss, this book always has the answers! And it doesn’t hurt that it has a great cover, so I needed to feature it for the #bookishbacks tag on Instagram.

Bookish Back

Stolen Inspired Mani: I was worried my manicure would be too simple for Stolen because of its minimalistic cover, but I really like how it turned out with the rose gold glitter!

Stolen Inspired Mani

All The Essies: I used this photo for my Happy Weekend post a couple days ago, but let me let you guys in on a little secret! I don’t actually own these pretty polishes. I had a mini photo shoot in Target’s home decor section the other night with my best friend!

Essie Nail Polish

Sunday Brights: Bright colors and warm weather truly go hand in hand, so Sunday was the perfect day to liven up my wardrobe with bright whites and pink. Throw in my  Penguin Threads edition of Little Women, and I was good to go!


Happy Reading!


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