Literary Mamas {Happy Mother’s Day}

A mother holds her child’s hand for a moment, and their heart for a lifetime.

Happy Mother’s Day all! Grab all of the incredible women in your life and tell ’em ya love ’em. While thinking about how awesome my mama and Nonna are, I realized that there are so many iconic moms in literature, both LEGIT and terrible.

Mother's Day Book Stack // Novels and Nail Polish

Ladies I LOVE

Mrs. Weasley – “Not my daughter, you bitch!” What a badass, am I right? Molly Weasley is one of those moms you wish you knew in real life. She is kind, loving and inviting, but at the same time fiercely protective of her brood.

Lily Potter – While we never actually meet Lily, we get to know her kind heart throughout the 7 books. Her love for her son is what keeps him alive time and time again, and I think we all can agree that if she had lived, she would have been pretty damn awesome!

Marmee – Mrs. March is the central figure in the 4 girls lives as they grow up in Little Women. She is incredibly strong and takes so much pride in helping her daughters grow into wonderful women.

Mad Mamas

Amy Dunne – This is one crazy B that should never procreate, yet she used her evil powers to impregnte herself at the end of Gone Girl. Lord help her future children.

Linh Adri – Like the classic evil stepmother she is based off of, Adri of The Lunar Chronicles is pretty foul. She probably loves her biological daughters, but she sort of uses Peony’s death to leverage other situations which makes her terrible!

Which literary moms do you love and hate? Happy Reading!


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