{Woman Crush Wednesday} Ladies of The Lunar Chronicles Series

As you are painfully aware at this point, I’m currently stuck in a rereading cycle. No new book is good enough to pull my attention away from some of my favorite series. It started with Harry Potter, has moved over to The Lunar Chronicles and will most likely continue over to The Grisha Trilogy once I put down Fairest.

One of the details I appreciate most about the series Marissa Meyer has created is the plethora of women characters for girls to read about. Each of her protagonists has characteristics that I find myself identifying with, and that is so important for girls growing up right now.

So in honor of these incredible women characters, the leading ladies of The Lunar Chronicles are my Women Crush Wednesday!

Cress by Marissa Meyer // Novels and Nail Polish


What an incredible protagonist to lead a series full of dynamic women. Cinder learns so much about herself and life through each book, and we’re lucky enough to come along with her as she falls in love and finds out how to be a revolutionary. I am just SO EXCITED to see the woman who will be able to save the world in Winter!


Talk about firecracker! I greatly admire Scarlet’s strength, which is something I’m finding myself drawn to more during this reread than before. She’s self-assured in everything she does, from loving a crazed (yet super hot) wolf-man to her unwavering support of her grand-mère. Like her hair, Scarlet definitely has the biggest personality of the group and really knows who she is!


Cress is a genuine, brilliant gal who truly means well, which is why I love her. She’s quirky and creates these wonderful fantasies, which is something I can definitely relate too. Oh, and the long blonde hair too! Cress checks in as the hopeless romantic, and I don’t mind coming along for her daydream damsel-in-distress ride.

Fairest // Novels and Nail Polish

Queen Levana

We all love to hate the evil Lunar dictator, but real talk, she’s a pretty bad ass villain in my opinion. I had a love/hate relationship with Fairest because there’s really no going back from the evil things we saw Levana do over the years. But even through that, I’ve loved getting to know her and can’t wait to see the ultimate battle in the final book. She’s definitely not going to go down without a fight.

Who is  your favorite gal in The Lunar Chronicles? Happy Reading!


4 thoughts on “{Woman Crush Wednesday} Ladies of The Lunar Chronicles Series

  1. I love them all, I can’t decide! Excpet Levana. Even after reading her background I still think she’s a butt-head. I can’t wait for the next release!!!

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