Reading Slump: Common Cures

As my fellow bookworms can tell you, two seemingly innocent words (when paired together) can instill the fear of You Know Who in each of us: READING SLUMP. I’ve had my fair share of these dreaded moods. When everything you pick up refuses to catch your eye, and it seems like you might be on the verge of the worst break up in history (between you and literature, of course).

Well, don’t fret. I have a couple tricks up my sleeve to get out of this mood quicker than Harry can disarm his opponent!

White Book Stack // Novels and Nail Polish

  1. Put down what you’re currently reading. A lot of times, when you’re not exactly feeling the book you are trying to read, you lose interest and find something else to do. It’s ok to put a book down, I promise. It doesn’t have to be for good, it just might not be the right time!
  2. Don’t read what you THINK you should be reading, read what you WANT to read. We all get caught up in peer pressure; when we feel like we should be reading more “classics” or “adult books.” PSH, you do you boo! If you want to read nothing but romance novels, DO IT. I love YA lit, and I’m proud. Read what you love because you don’t have to prove anything to anyone!
  3. Pick up an old favorite. Grabbing one of my all-time fav books, like HP or The Lunar Chronicles, reminds me why I love reading when I’m worried I’ve forgotten. You’ll be more inspired to grab a new one when you remember why you love books!
  4. And if all else fails… Don’t force it! The worst thing you can do is push yourself so hard in a direction you don’t want to go that you end up (God forbid!) resenting books! Take a break and do something else for a while. If you only read one book that month, it ain’t no thing! You’ll find your way back soon enough, us bookworms always do.

Do you have a sure-fire way to avoid the dreaded reading slump? Don’t be selfish! Share the goods in the comments below. Happy Reading!


5 thoughts on “Reading Slump: Common Cures

  1. Okay, seriously. This post is PERFECT. I read YA almost exclusively and when I realize that I’m older than all of the characters that I’m supposed to be relating to, I feel like maybe it’s time to move on to “adult books”. So this post definitely makes me feel better about myself. I’m going to read whatever the heck I want!

  2. I completely agree with you with this post! I feel stuck sometimes with books and I don’t force it. I don’t succumb to peer pressure because I am always late the the “it-book” of the moment. I finally gave in and read The Girl with the Tattoo trilogy three years later than everybody and I loved it to bits. On the other hand I also read Fifty Shades of Grey (the first one) because my friends loved it so much and I found it so bad (the writing/the story) I couldn’t even finish it.
    I also admit I am a huge fan of British romance books… I love them, I can’t help it.

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