A Bookworm’s Resolutions

Novels and Nail Polish 2015 Resolutions

2015 is here, and I’m so excited and ready, as cliche as that may sound. I don’t think I’ve started a year with this much hope and excitement for my future, and that alone feels like an accomplishment! I want to share my resolutions as both a person and blogger with everyone, because it’s easier to make them happen when you have people on the journey with you.

As a blogger:

  • Keep my books/polishes/photo space ORGANIZED.
  • Read, write and paint what I LOVE. For myself, not for what I think other people want to see!
  • Write MORE.
  • Read the books I already OWN.
  • Don’t succumb to reading slumps like the Great Slump of Late 2014.
  • Read the CLASSICS I’ve been telling myself I would.
  • Post check-ins once every 4 months to keep myself MOTIVATED.

As a person:

  • Choose HAPPINESS.
  • Over-think LESS.
  • Make HEALTHY choices. Don’t try to make huge changes I won’t sustain, but add healthy in.
  • Be PRESENT, always.
  • Move into a space of my OWN.

Are some of your resolutions similar? I’d love to hear if we’re working on some of the same things! Happy Reading!


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