Winemas Weekend Essentials

Wine Glass Not many people can say their company takes everyone on a weekend holiday getaway every year. I feel lucky enough to say that we can as a part of the Konnect PR family! This year, our fearless leaders took us wine tasting in Temecula, complete with horseback riding, wonderful food and a sunrise hot air balloon ride.

After I toss everything in my suitcase, my final task when packing is always picking my nail color and book to bring with me on the trip. This might be just me, but I place way too much importance on my nail polish when I go on trips, because it really helps set the vibe of my outfits. The mani needs to be subdued enough for day activities, but turn on the fun at parties and nights out.

Hot Air Balloon Ride
Gorgeous views

With the holidays as my inspiration, I grabbed Essie Blanc and Nails Inc. Buckingham Square for a clean, yet festive look. And I brought John Green’s Paper Towns along to keep me company. From yummy lunches to winery tours, I had my book in tow (although I didn’t get TOO much reading done! ).

Reading over lunch
Flat-bread + Wine Tasting

We had a couple of incredible activities planned, aside from the delicious wine tastings and tours! First up, horseback riding! Meet my new bestie, Squirrel.

Horseback Riding
My new bud Squirrel

And the grand finale of the trip: sunrise hot air balloon ride!

Hot Air Balloon Ride
Up, up & away over the wineries of Temecula!

This incredible ride was one of the most exciting moments of my 20-some year life! The views were outstanding, and the weather was perfection! Pictures truly don’t do it justice.

Hot air balloon
Views from the top!

What are your weekend getaway essentials? Happy Reading!


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