Something Different, Something Novel

A Little Something Different Inspired ManicureI first heard about A Little Something Different from one of my FAVORITE book bloggers, Jamie of The Perpetual Page Turner. It sounded like a cute, unique contemporary novel that I might like to pick up sometime down the road. Fast forward to one of my many shopping sprees at Target, and I somehow found mulitple books in my shopping cart, including this beauty.

While trudging my way through The Goldfinch (not because it’s bad, just LONG), I needed a happiness break. 36 hours later, I finished this guy, and I loved it!

One thing that both worked and didn’t to a certain extent was the use of 14 narrators. I LOVED seeing the romance unfold in front of everyone, and it made me so happy to see a unique, contemporary book. But it’s also something I notice writers struggle with and tend to use as a crutch. It’s hard to write a story from the perspective of 14 different people and make them actually sound like 14 different humans with individual voices and vocabularies. Listing the character’s name becomes a way out of fully developing each facet of their personality, and I understand why! It takes a ton of time and effort, but I felt that was the one major thing this novel lacked. Aside from the squirrel, most of the storytellers sounded the same, and their distinguishing factor was purely their name at the start of the chapter.

Aside from the lack of distinction between the characters, I found myself completely immersed in their lives! While the book didn’t change my life, I didn’t need it to. I loved it for the light, fun piece of writing it is!

Now to the feminine and fun mani that goes with it!

Tools I Used // Essie Bump Up The Pump + Julep Ava + Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen
Tools I Used // Essie Bump Up The Pump + Julep Ava + Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen

The colors of A Little Something Different are on the simpler, more classic side of the spectrum, but there is a lot going on in terms of the design. It took some trial and error to decide what and how much to actually try to accomplish on the small surface area of my nails. Obvious details that stood out were the swirls and hearts, which ended up being the main design elements I drew from.

A Little Something Different Inspired Manicure

The cover is the palest pink, which creates a beautiful canvas for the design. Julep’s Ava is the perfect opalescent, barely-there pink to bring the cover to life.

This was the first time I’ve ever used a nail art pen, and at first, it wasn’t smooth sailing AT ALL. I actually did this manicure twice. The first featured swirls on all four nails, with the two hearts on the ring finger, but it ended up feeling much too busy. The second time around, I played with the love and hearts a bit more and scaled the swirls back.

A Little Something Different Inspired Manicure

My favorite aspect of the whole manicure is the heart detail on my pinky finger. It was a fun, fresh take on a french tip, and almost feels like a hidden detail that you don’t notice until looking a bit closer.

A Little Something Different Inspired Manicure

Do you enjoy books with multiple narrators? What are you favorites? Happy Reading!


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