Inspired Instas {3}

This past week was very exciting in my personal life… I got promoted at work! So I definitely spent the week on Cloud 9! Other than that, it was a pretty normal week filled with work, reading and a very special birthday.

Catching Fire Nail Polish: I was so excited to find the whole Cover Girl Catching Fire line of nail polishes at Target a couple of months ago! The entire collection really embodies the Girl On Fire.
Catching Fire Nail Polish

Hogwarts Textbooks: It’s no secret the Harry Potter series is one of my all time favorites! That means I love anything and everything that goes with it, including these companion books. I can NOT wait for the movie to come out in 2016!

Hogwarts Textbooks

Happy Birthday Harry: July 31st marks two very special birthdays, Harry Potter & his lovely creator, JK Rowling! So much of my love for reading and my childhood were shaped by this series, and I can’t thank Ms. Rowling enough.

Happy Birthday Harry

Bows and Books: The Bows and Books tag on Instagram is one of my favorites, so I did another one! Thankfully, I have enough bows to keep doing more!

Books and Bows Narnia

Sneak Peek of Stolen Inspired Mani: I just finished up Stolen by Lucy Christopher, and I am very excited to share my review and cover-inspired manicure of this book! So happy my butterfly jewelry tray matched the book so well!

Sneak Peek Stolen

Summer Sunday: Sunday was such a joy! I relaxed with my sister and best friend in the pool and started Emily Giffin’s new book, The One & Only! Summer is moving way too fast, so we have to savor these gorgeous days while we have ’em.

Summer Sunday

Have a wonderful week! Happy Reading!


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