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What does decent looking mean I Ready Sex Dating

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What does decent looking mean

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BUT if he said it to one mmean the girls friends than it probablt means that said girl is better or worse than decent because he wanted to keep it on the low key.

If someone called you decent looking, they aren't paying What does decent looking mean a compliment. They're pretty much saying you're just average in the looks department.

You deserve someone who calls you beautiful because they see you as. It means your not ugly! But the guy doesn't really have a huge interest with you.

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If you're asking cause a guy you like said that about you that doesn't mean you should give up on. I've had this a lot.

What does decent looking mean

Decent looking as in, dresses decent and nice. Cause believe it or not how you looing up and go outside that basically gives away how your like in person, in a mind of some-one who has never met u. It means you are above average, physically speaking.

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It means the girl is decent looking. Nothing is set in stone. The first one: I'm usuall not attracted to the most attractive girl. Choice 1.

What does decent looking mean I Search Couples

Right now? The second one. I'm not looking for anything. But in a few years, I'll say the first one.

Urban Dictionary: decent-looking

Skylarkell Follow Forum Posts: Great minds thing alike. The first one, for sure. I'd rather have the nice looking one that won't cheat.

Sajedene Follow Forum Posts: Sajedene oh no you didnt: Treflis Follow Forum Posts: First option. Decent usually means clean and well groomed.

I Looking Cock What does decent looking mean

There is no What does decent looking mean. Why are you so worried about it? If you concentrate more on being a good person, rather than a good-looking person, your inner beauty will show through and you will find someone who respects you for who you are and not just how you look. It means you are average like a Not ugly, not drop-dead gorgeous.

Girls can be petty mean but guys rate on everything breasts ad butt girls just rate on appearance on first look. GOD bless you.

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It means: Do you want to go out sometimes? Pagination 1.

Existing questions. Related Questions If someone says your decent looking does it mean you're good looking or just average?

What does it mean when a guy says you're decent looking. He said I am halfway decent looking?

Decent | Definition of Decent by Merriam-Webster

Have it both ways:. Descent, pronounced "dih-SENT," means the act of moving downward, either physically or socially, like an evil cartoon character's descent into the underworld, or a villain's descent into madness, or even your descent lookinf the subway station or down a mountain:. Descent can also refer to a person's cultural background.

Makes What does decent looking mean if you think about going down the family tree:.

What does decent looking mean

The women, U. Washington Post.

Finally, dissent, also pronounced "dih-SENT" is to pipe up against popular opinion. It can refer to an opinion that differs from an official or popularly held one.

To dissent is to voice such an opinion. There are shades of meaning, but it always means to go against the grain:.