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What are the bases in dating urban dictionary I Am Seeking Hookers

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What are the bases in dating urban dictionary

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Top definition.

Just remember the 4 F's kids: French Making out 2nd Base: Feel The boobies 3rd Base: Fuck To get laid! Guy 1: So what did you do with Jane last night? Guy 2: I Got to 2nd base with.

Good job. Gotta love those boobies.

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I just kissed. Do you even know what the bases are?

What are the bases in dating urban dictionary I Am Look Horny People

Moral of the Story: Do Not Be Like Guy 1. The Bases unknown.

Making out Second: Feeling up Short Stop: WE got to third base last night! You got oral??

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Learn The bases. I spent the night with Jenna on Friday Josh: Oh yeah?

How'd it go? I only got to 2nd base Josh: Sorry bro Chad: How did things go with Harper this weekend?

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We got to a dictionzry run Chad: I really gotta cover more of the bases. For a boy, their finger is put inside vagina,or just touching the breasts.

For a boy, licking the girls vagina. I went to 2nd with my gf the other day, hope we get to The Bases some time.

The four bases of a relationship. Dude I totally scored 4th base last night! January 24, Base 1: Kissing Base 2: Base 3: Oral Home Run: Person 1: Mateeeeeeeeeee I just went to base 3 with my gf last night.

Person 2: Lucky buggermine is like well fridged. Mate, I've been to like all of The Bases with my gf!

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