Bookworm Tour {Pasadena Loves YA}

First stop on the LA Bookworm Tour: Pasadena Loves YA at the Pasadena Public Library.

Pasadena Public Library // Novels and Nail Polish

Yesterday was SO MUCH FUN. I fangirled like a teen and met some of my favorite authors at one of the most beautiful libraries in Southern California. First let me gush for a moment over the venue. The Pasadena Public Library is heaven for bookworms. There are bookstacks after bookstacks and room after room to get lost in, not to mention a wonderful courtyard! Do you think they’d notice if I moved into the teen room upstairs?

After I got done ogling the library, there was a wonderful keynote speech by Mary McCoy, the author of Dead to Me. If we’re being honest here, it doesn’t take much to make me cry, so her heartfelt talk had my eyes all misty before you could say young adult!

Then it was panel time. First up, the Second Chances panel with Brandy Colbert, Lauren Miller, Sarah Tomp and Morgan Matson. Morgan is SUCH A DOLL and was all about taking selfies with me during the signing! So a huge thanks to her for being the best!

Morgan Matson // Novels and Nail Polish

After a quick dash downstairs, it was time for The First Time panel with Kody Keplinger, Victoria Aveyard, Alexis Bass and Virginia Boecker. I was so excited to meet Victoria, as a fellow USC Trojan and lover of Red Queen!

The First Time Panel // Novels and Nail Polish

The final panel of the day was definitely the one I was looking forward to most, Tough Topics with Ava Dellaira, Jennifer Niven, Liz Maccie and Stephen Chbosky. I painted my nails inspired by All The Bright Places (review/mani coming soon!), and the whole panel was so impressed! I was just honored to be in their presence, and each one of the authors was so wonderful to talk to. I even got a copy of Liz’s book, Lessons I Never Learned at Meadowbrook Academy, so I can do a cover mani for her in the future!

Tough Topics Panel // Novels and Nail Polish

It’s funny because I spent 6 years working at Disneyland, part of which I was a tour guide and had the pleasure of hosting VIPs and celebrities in the park. But when it comes to authors of novels I adore, I get infinitely more starstruck than any of the times I’ve met “famous people.” I will treasure the notes they wrote and memories of meeting these talented people forever, and hope to see them again soon!

Pasadena Loves YA // Novels and Nail Polish

Favorite keepsake of the event? My YA letters I had everyone sign!

Pasadena Loves YA // Novels and Nail Polish

Pasadena Loves YA // Novels and Nail PolishAre you going to any book festivals or signings in SoCal this summer? I’d love to meet up! Happy Reading!


Just Take My Money {Rainbow Rowell}

Like her namesake, Rainbow Rowell lights up my bookshelf with her gorgeous books. I’m not kidding! It isn’t a true book rainbow if it doesn’t have at least one of her novels in the lineup. And the stories she creates aren’t half bad either. So let’s just cut to the chase: new Rowell beauties are coming our way this year!

First up, the Fangirl special edition

Fangirl Special Edition

PRETTY. Literally the first thing I could think when I heard about the candy-colored special editions hitting the market in May. Do I want them all? HELL YES. Will I get them all? Probably not all, but at least one! My insides get all giddy thinking about the pastel colors, embossed inner covers and fan art tucked inside. Since my birthday is next month, it’ll definitely be a treat to myself!

Next on the list, Carry On.

enhanced-19465-1429806575-15New Rainbow Rowell? Yes please! Continuing the story of Simon and Baz, Carry On tells readers all about the characters we met in Fangirl.  Buzzfeed released the cover this past week, and I’m absolutely itching to make it a mani! But we’ll have to wait to get our hands on it until October of this year. Thankfully we have our pastel pretties up above to tide us over.

Are you excited for new Rainbow Rowell? Happy Reading!

{Woman Crush Wednesday} Ladies of The Lunar Chronicles Series

As you are painfully aware at this point, I’m currently stuck in a rereading cycle. No new book is good enough to pull my attention away from some of my favorite series. It started with Harry Potter, has moved over to The Lunar Chronicles and will most likely continue over to The Grisha Trilogy once I put down Fairest.

One of the details I appreciate most about the series Marissa Meyer has created is the plethora of women characters for girls to read about. Each of her protagonists has characteristics that I find myself identifying with, and that is so important for girls growing up right now.

So in honor of these incredible women characters, the leading ladies of The Lunar Chronicles are my Women Crush Wednesday!

Cress by Marissa Meyer // Novels and Nail Polish


What an incredible protagonist to lead a series full of dynamic women. Cinder learns so much about herself and life through each book, and we’re lucky enough to come along with her as she falls in love and finds out how to be a revolutionary. I am just SO EXCITED to see the woman who will be able to save the world in Winter!


Talk about firecracker! I greatly admire Scarlet’s strength, which is something I’m finding myself drawn to more during this reread than before. She’s self-assured in everything she does, from loving a crazed (yet super hot) wolf-man to her unwavering support of her grand-mère. Like her hair, Scarlet definitely has the biggest personality of the group and really knows who she is!


Cress is a genuine, brilliant gal who truly means well, which is why I love her. She’s quirky and creates these wonderful fantasies, which is something I can definitely relate too. Oh, and the long blonde hair too! Cress checks in as the hopeless romantic, and I don’t mind coming along for her daydream damsel-in-distress ride.

Fairest // Novels and Nail Polish

Queen Levana

We all love to hate the evil Lunar dictator, but real talk, she’s a pretty bad ass villain in my opinion. I had a love/hate relationship with Fairest because there’s really no going back from the evil things we saw Levana do over the years. But even through that, I’ve loved getting to know her and can’t wait to see the ultimate battle in the final book. She’s definitely not going to go down without a fight.

Who is  your favorite gal in The Lunar Chronicles? Happy Reading!

I’ll Give You The Mani

I'll Give You The Sun Cover Inspired ManicureOne of the most anticipated YA reads of 2014 became one of my absolute favorite books of 2015, and maybe even ever! I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson is a contemporary to rule all YA contemporaries, and I am so glad it came into my life. I have a feeling my overzealous review/opinion of this book might get a bit rambly, so bear with me!

Told from alternating perspectives of a set of twins, this book is liquid poetry and art. If I’m being objective, it could be a bit much for some people who don’t have the patience for flowery language, but it was just enough for me. Love and loss are the main themes, and it ultimately left me breathless.

I have a hard time forming sentences that correctly express my love for this story, so I’ll just throw out some adjectives instead: heartbreakingly beautiful, moving, inspiring and literally a million more. If you want to be moved to laughter and tears, I beg you, PICK UP THIS BOOK.

**I’m not sure if you can tell, but I feel rather strongly about how how incredible this novel is!

Now, let’s give you the mani!

Tools I Used // Essie Mojito Madness + Blanc + Julep London + Jeanne + Bailey + Nadia + Karen + Myrtle + Cover Girl Flamed Out
Tools I Used // Essie Mojito Madness + Blanc + Julep London + Jeanne + Bailey + Nadia + Karen + Myrtle + Cover Girl Flamed Out

This was another design that used ALL the polishes. Clearly I’m on some sort of rainbow kick, and I ain’t even mad! I went pretty literal with the design of this manicure, sticking mainly with the gorgeous rainbow sunburst on the white background. You’ll need as many polishes as you can carry, plus some, and for me that included my trusty stash of Julep and Essie colors.

I'll Give You The Sun Cover Inspired ManicureI’ll talk rainbow stripes first. I went with a random order of colors to mimic the lack of pattern on the cover. Grab your striping brush, or skinny paint brush in my case, and go to town! While I would have liked my colored stripes to be a bit thinner, I think I made it work. This design is great for ya’ll who are worried about painting intricate images because it doesn’t have to be exact!

I'll Give You The Sun Cover Inspired ManicureI stripped the dust jacket off for a bit of accent nail inspo. To play with the orange and white, I used striping tape (my fav technique) and a vibrant orange. Voila, you’ve got yourself a contrasting, geometric accent nail!

I'll Give You The Sun Cover Inspired ManicureDid you love I’ll Give You The Sun as much as I did? Let me know what you thought! Happy Reading!

Some Other Manicure, Maybe!

In Some Other World Maybe Cover Inspired Manicure // Novels and Nail PolishI was thrilled when St. Martin’s Press reached out to me with their new YA/Adult contemporary novel, In Some Other World, Maybe. It’s possible that I was more excited about the cover than the actual story right off the bat. I mean, look at that beautiful rainbow watercolor-looking gorgeousness! I was ready to paint away before even opening it.

Thankfully, the book lived up to its beautiful cover, and I ended up loving them equally! In Some Other World, Maybe follows three separate story lines with characters that intertwine and intersect as everyone grows up in modern America. The characters learn about love and loss, life in Hollywood and how to make it in this messed up world. It was a fun and unique story that I really didn’t want to put down until it was finished!

A word to the wise, pay attention to people’s names at the beginning of the book. I ended up going through a couple chapters before realizing that the characters (major and minor) we are first introduced to show up in all three of the story lines. Once I realized that, I actually went back and reread some of the book to clear up the confusion!

Now, let’s paint a watercolor masterpiece!

Tools I Used // Essie Bikini So Teeny + Blanc + Mojito Madness + Julep London + Zoya Odette + OPI Guy Meets Gal-Veston
Tools I Used // Essie Bikini So Teeny + Blanc + Mojito Madness + Julep London + Zoya Odette + OPI Guy Meets Gal-Veston

This mani used A LOT of polishes. This might be a record for the most polishes I’ve used in a cover-inspired manicure thus far! I really wanted to capture the watercolor rainbow vibe of the cover, and so I pulled out all of the polish stops.

In Some Other World Maybe Cover Inspired Manicure // Novels and Nail PolishTo start, I painted two coats of Essie Blanc and sealed with a quick dry top coat. If I may go off on a quick tangent, I finally jumped on the Seche Vite bandwagon, and it feels like home. I will probably never use another top coat, it’s that fantastic!

In Some Other World Maybe Cover Inspired Manicure // Novels and Nail PolishNow down to the nitty gritty: the how-to of the watercolor look. I adapted the main technique from a tutorial by The Beauty Department, one of my daily reads for all things beauty! Grab your acetone/nail polish remover and a small container to hold it. I personally use the bottle cap because it’s super convenient! You’ll also need a brush to paint on the design.

On a small square of foil, place a drop of your first color. I went with a watercolor base of Bikini So Teeny on all five nails. Dip your brush in the acetone, then into the color. I did this one or two times to get it diluted a decent amount. Dab the polish on your nail, and don’t be afraid to further dilute the color by dipping the brush back into the acetone without adding more color. The top coat you applied to the first coat will keep the nail polish remover from stripping the base color!

In Some Other World Maybe Cover Inspired Manicure // Novels and Nail PolishContinue the dilution technique for all colors desired. I decided to do a different color combination on all five fingers because I wanted to capture the beauty of the rainbow! Make sure all of the nail polish remover is dry on the nails before painting a top coat, otherwise you’ll have holes in the final polish layer.

In Some Other World Maybe Cover Inspired Manicure // Novels and Nail PolishHave you tried a watercolor manicure before? What techniques did you use? Happy Reading!

World Book Day

Two awesome book holidays in one week? Hell yeah! Happy World Book Day to all of my fellow bookworms and bibliophiles. May your book pages never tear and your place never be lost!

World Book Day // Novels and Nail PolishHappy Reading!

{Man Crush Monday} Winger’s Ryan Dean West

WingerI’ve been on a contemporary kick lately, and Winger didn’t disappoint!! The quirky, awkward, sex-obsessed teenage protagonist is my Man Crush today because he was so much fun to follow (in the most ridiculous way of course). Ryan Dean West tries, fails, grows a pair and then learns a lot about love and life throughout the novel, and I love the visual story he takes us on.

Winger Cover Inspired ManicureI’m excited to share my mani with everyone tomorrow because I was so inspired to paint it as soon as I put the book down!

Have you read Winger? What did you think about Ryan Dean West? Happy Reading!