Nail Polish Favorites // Spring 2015

SPRING! My favorite season is finally upon us, and I am overly excited for the gorgeous nail polish trends this year.

Spring 2015 Nail Polish Trends // Novels and Nail Polish

I am so inspired by the Pantone collection, En Plein Air, for Spring 2015. It’s a gorgeous blend of soft pastels and understated bright shades that you’d find in florals & nature, and ultimately will stand out beautifully on your nails. We seriously can’t do wrong with any of their choices. You know who else has channeled this trend TO PERFECTION? Essie’s collab Spring 2015 Collection, Flowerista, with Rebecca Minkoff.

I could continue to rave about how passionate I am when it comes to the absolutely gorgeous colors gracing nails this season, but how about I just show you?

Spring 2015 Nail Polish Trends // Novels and Nail Polish

Marsala – As Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year, Marsala is rich and robust, which lends itself to great manicures. I love Mint’s Moonlit Stroll as the perfect, wearable version of this trend. It has so many dimensions, and when I have it on, I can’t keep my eyes off it!

Spring 2015 Nail Polish Trends // Novels and Nail Polish

Nude – If you ask me, a good nude is always on trend no matter the season. When you’re looking during spring, you need a nude that brings new life and depth into your wardrobe in the same way the earth begins to find life again after winter. If you’ll bear with me, I’m about to start my lovefest over Essie’s spring collection! Picked Perfect is one of two nudes in their new collection, and this guy specifially is a warm almond shade I’ve fallen in love with.

Teal – I’ve already mentioned how much I love Essie’s Spring Collection this year, so obviously my teal of choice this season is Garden Variety! There is no lack of pigment here, and if you want a punchy, funky teal, you’ve come to the right place.

Grey – I always crave a nice grey with blueish undertones for spring. It really is the ultimate color that allows brighter, more showstopping shades to take center stage. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Essie’s Petal Pushers is perfection! Another home run for their spring collection.

Spring 2015 Nail Polish Trends // Novels and Nail Polish

Dusty Pastels – Whether it’s blue, pink, purple or green, pastels shine brightest during the spring. This year, I’m extra loving the dusty versions of these soft shades. Julep’s Shelly, a dusty mint, has been the apple of my eye for the last couple months, and I can’t wait to continue to wear it through the spring months!

What are your picks for Spring 2015 nail polish trends? Happy Reading!


Currently Crushing: White & Gold

Let’s be real here, because who am I kidding. The title should really say always crushing. Forever crushing. White and gold are like PB & J, Mac & Cheese, Sonny & Cher. They’re all better together. The classic combination is a huge trend right now, and I don’t think it’s leaving anytime soon!

White and Gold Favorites // Novels and Nail Polish

It’s almost impossible for me to see something white & gold and walk past without falling in love. Because of that, my collection has grown significantly, and I’ve picked out a few of my favorite things!
White and Gold Favorites // Novels and Nail Polish

  1. Be Our Guest Coaster Set – I picked up this porcelain coaster set at Walt Disney World a couple years back, and it’s been a fairy tale sort of love ever since. They each feature a different image that gives a simple and classy nod to my love of Disney.
  2. Kate Spade Bow Push Pins – Bows + gold + desk accessories = the reason Kate Spade owns my heart. These bow push pins are sturdy and perfect for every girl that wants the prettiest cork board around!
  3. Chevron Wrapping Paper – This gem was found at the holy land… Target. Like most other things in that store, it made its way into my basket and into my heart.
  4. Marc Jacobs Daisy Rollerball – I’ve mentioned it before, Marc Jacobs is the king of perfect perfumes and gorgeous bottles. Daisy is a classic, and this portable rollerball is just right for afternoon touch-ups.
  5. Gold Paper Feather – Three words: Target Dollar Spot. They put it right up front and grab you before your basket is full of other unnecessary things that seem oh so important. I just had to bring these home for my inspiration board!
  6. Pretty Pen – It only seems right to proclaim at this point: long live the Target Dollar Spot. Their pens duos are always gorgeous, and whenever there’s a new style, they end up in my basket.
  7. Bud Vase – I’ll give you a cookie and all of my love if you can guess where this guy is from. Yup! Target.
  8. Julep Vivien – If you’re looking for a chunky glitter polish with personality, Vivien is for you. This full-coverage glitter is gorgeous and one of my favorites.

White and Gold Manicure // Novels and Nail Polish I had some fun with a couple different striping patterns for this manicure. When using striping tape with a polish that has macro-glitter, make sure to check the big chunks are off of the tape before you remove it. That way your lines stay crisp and clean!

White and Gold Manicure // Novels and Nail Polish

So what did we learn today about white and gold? Target is without a doubt your go-to place to find everything! Happy Reading!

Say I Do {with Mint}

Wedding bells and white dresses mean one of the most important days of a woman’s life. And while love is the primary focus of your wedding day, your nails are allowed to be important too!

I may not be getting married any time soon, that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate some of the polishes I would love to wear on my big day!

Mint Polish Bridal Set

My love for Mint Polish is no secret. The formula is fantastic and the colors are gorgeous! Their brand new Bridal Collection is to die for, whether you’re a bride-to-be or not. I used some of these beauties in my Valentine’s Day collab, and I’m still not over them. They have a mix of class and personality that will make it hard to stop staring at your nails on the reg!

For the Classic Bride {I Do}

Mint’s original bridal color is a creamy pale pink, reminiscent of my all-time fav flower, the peony! If you’re the girl that lives by the mantra “less is more,” I Do is the polish you should be sporting on your big day. Make sure you build up the color with two thin coats, because like most pale colors, it struggles to dry evenly if you put too much on at once. Mint Polish I Do // Novels and Nail Polish Mint Polish I Do // Novels and Nail Polish

For the Glam Bride {She Said Yes!}

Who doesn’t love a little sparkle? Accentuate your gorgeous ring by adding a couple coats of She Said Yes! to your mani. I love this micro-glitter because its iridescent quality gives the shimmer a ton of dimension! Mint Polish She Said Yes // Novels and Nail Polish I paired it with I Do, creating little shining half-moons and a fabulous accent nail. Whether you wear it as an accent color or on its own, She Said Yes! is every glam bride’s best friend.Mint Polish She Said Yes // Novels and Nail Polish Mint Polish She Said Yes // Novels and Nail Polish

For the Fun Bride {Bouquet Toss}

Coral looks great on all skin tones, and Bouquet Toss is even better than you can imagine. It’s a vibrant combination of pink and orange, and with spring on its way, there isn’t a better color to welcome it with open arms! If you plan on dancing the night away with your brand-new hubby, grab Bouquet Toss and get ready for the party of your life!

Mint Polish Bouquet Toss // Novels and Nail Polish Mint Polish Bouquet Toss // Novels and Nail Polish

What color do you want to wear on your wedding day? Happy Reading!

{Saturday Spotlight} Bundle Monster Downtown Collection

February is almost gone, and spring will be here in no time. When I received the Downtown Nail Polish Collection from Bundle Monster, I knew I wanted to do one last dark winter mani before pastels and peonies take over! The collection features 6 cream polishes that are spot on for all of your fall/winter polish needs.

Bundle Monster Review // Novels and Nail Polish

From left you right you have Harlow (smokey navy), Eaton (dark teal), Oxford (neutral taupe), Bristol (maroon), Redhill (deep shimmering burgundy) and Crowley (deep purple). All of the polishes applied really well, and most are good to go in just one coat. My favorite color is definitely Redhill. I love the shimmer, and it looks so gorgeous on!

I knew right away I wanted to create a day-to-night multi-mani with these guys.

Bundle Monster Review // Novels and Nail Polish

For day, you can rock these five colors together no problem. Their rich pigmentation allows them to effortlessly transition from each color without looking harsh or out of place.

And while I love simple daytime looks, my favorite is definitely night.

Bundle Monster Review // Novels and Nail Polish

Bundle Monster Review // Novels and Nail Polish

A night on the town deserves a fun, sexy manicure to go along with it. I used striping tape to create a diagonal French tip with a bit of sparkle underneath. I wish the colors had a bit more contrast between the different shades, but other than that, I love the final result!

Bundle Monster Review // Novels and Nail Polish

Overall, I would say that if you don’t already own these colors, grab them! They’re easy to work with and not too expensive. Happy Reading!

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**These polishes were provided to me in exchange for my honest review

Vintage Vibes

Sometimes a color palette just appears in you head and you have to run with it. Case and point, this retro-chic pastel color combo I’m currently in love with. The colors are all soft and feminine, and together, they feel like they’re from another place.

Vintage Vibes Inspiration Board // Novels and Nail Polish

Inspiration collages like the one above have always been one of my favorite types of images on the internet. It’s definitely a goal of mine to put these together for more of my manicures!

Vintage Vibes Manicure // Novels and Nail Polish To achieve this fun, retro look, I combined some of my favorite pastel polishes from Julep, Mint and Essie. With the help of a little striping tape and matte top coat, the finished product came to life, and it was exactly what I hoped for!

Do you love pastels as much as I apparently do? Happy Reading!

hairpin image via brit & co.

Dreaming Of Daisies

Spring may not be here yet, but that didn’t stop me from putting all things pastel and feminine on my nails in this Marc Jacobs inspired manicure!

Daisy Dream Inspired ManicureMarc Jacobs is a master of design. His perfume bottles are works of art, even without the pretty smells found inside. Daisy started it all, but by no means was it the end. In the years since, Honey, Dot and countless other gorgeous bottles and delightful scents have made their way onto the market. Prior to owning Daisy Dream, Dot was my preferred MJ perfume, but this pretty guy gives it a run for it’s money.

Tools I Used // Essie Find Me An Oasis + Blanc + Ciate Ladylike Luxe
Tools I Used // Essie Find Me An Oasis + Blanc + Ciate Ladylike Luxe

Everything about this bottle screams PAINT ME. So that’s just what I did. Pale blue creme, white and gold have quickly become a perfect color combination in my mind. It’s going to take a lot to kick this manicure out of my favorites!

Daisy Dream Inspired Manicure

Daisy Dream Inspired Manicure

Insta-design perfection in the nail world comes in the form of creating a look with different, yet complimentary designs on each nail.  My first great success with this technique came from my New Year’s rose gold mani, and I can’t seem to stop! With my dotting tool, I created a white and gold polka-dot pattern next to a daisy nail taken straight from the bottle. Subtle gold dot trios and a half moon tied up the finished product. Overall, it was a simple design, but has a striking effect!

Daisy Dream Inspired Manicure Daisy Dream Inspired ManicureDo you love Marc Jacob’s perfume bottles?? Which is your favorite? Happy Reading!