A Year Of Reading Challenges

I’ve never been one to set a reading challenge for myself. I usually just read whatever I’m feeling at that moment, whenever. But over the past couple of months, I’ve seen quite a few challenges that have caught my eye! I’m thinking about making a page on here to track my progress, and people can follow along if they so choose!

Rory Gilmore Challenge

Who doesn’t love Gilmore Girls? And what bookworm doesn’t worship the ground that Rory walks on. Some fantastic human went through the entire television series and came up with a list of every single book mentioned or seen, and let’s just say it’s pretty epic. Out of the 339 books on the list, I’ve read 35. Not too bad of a start! I don’t necessarily think I’ll base my reading choices this year off this list, but it’s definitely a bucket list challenge to complete it!

Popsugar Reading Challenge

Popsugar’s challenge is a bit more realistic, especially because you can check off multiple entries with one book. Plus, it’s a super cute graphic that you can print out and check off as you read!

Popsugar Reading ChallengeAre you planning any reading challenges this year? Check back to see my progress on finishing this list and meeting my 60 book goal! Happy Reading!


A Bookworm’s Resolutions

Novels and Nail Polish 2015 Resolutions

2015 is here, and I’m so excited and ready, as cliche as that may sound. I don’t think I’ve started a year with this much hope and excitement for my future, and that alone feels like an accomplishment! I want to share my resolutions as both a person and blogger with everyone, because it’s easier to make them happen when you have people on the journey with you.

As a blogger:

  • Keep my books/polishes/photo space ORGANIZED.
  • Read, write and paint what I LOVE. For myself, not for what I think other people want to see!
  • Write MORE.
  • Read the books I already OWN.
  • Don’t succumb to reading slumps like the Great Slump of Late 2014.
  • Read the CLASSICS I’ve been telling myself I would.
  • Post check-ins once every 4 months to keep myself MOTIVATED.

As a person:

  • Choose HAPPINESS.
  • Over-think LESS.
  • Make HEALTHY choices. Don’t try to make huge changes I won’t sustain, but add healthy in.
  • Be PRESENT, always.
  • Move into a space of my OWN.

Are some of your resolutions similar? I’d love to hear if we’re working on some of the same things! Happy Reading!

Looking Back On 2014

2014 was an incredible year, not just for Novels and Nail Polish, but for me (Taylor) too! While it wasn’t without its difficulties, ultimately I grew as a person and blogger by learning from each experience.

Novels and Nail Polish's most popular Instagram Photo of 2014
Novels and Nail Polish’s most popular Instagram Photo of 2014

Novels and Nail Polish originally debuted on Blogger in March of 2013, but I didn’t find the drive to make it something more until about May of this year. For the past 8 months, this little blog, and its subsequent social media accounts, has become one of my most passionate endeavors. I’ve loved everything it has brought me, from new friends and fans to new books and nail art techniques I never thought I would experience!

A fan favorite - and one of my favorite - cover-inspired manicures
A fan favorite – and one of my favorite – cover-inspired manicures

I hold this blog and these two passions so dear to my heart because on top of providing me with wonderful experiences, they’ve also been a place for me to turn in difficult times. I went through a very difficult breakup in June, and this platform became a way for me to forget about the sadness and find happiness in things again. Without Novels and Nail Polish, I don’t think I would have healed as quickly as I did.

The Hunger Games series was one of my most photographed series of 2014
The Hunger Games series was one of my most photographed series of 2014

On a happier note, 2014 also brought success in my career life. I joined an incredible company and became a Social Media Account Coordinator working in Downtown LA! I’ve met so many new people that inspire me daily to be the best ME I can be.

2014 Snapshots

Cover Inspired Manicures

  • 11 Cover-Inspired Manicures
  • 11 Holiday-Inspired Nails
  • 46 New Blog Posts
  • 1,100 New Instagram Followers
  • 14 Photos Featuring The Hunger Games
  • 11 Nail Polish Brands Featured
  • 4 Book Rainbows
  • 4 Trilogies Read
  • 1 Temporary Literary Tattoo
  • 1 bottle of $50 Nail Polish

Thanks for being a part of it! I can’t wait for all of the adventures 2015 brings! Happy Reading!

Seasons Readings – A Book Lover’s Gift Guide

What is a niche blog without a holiday gift guide? Not much, I can assure you! I’m happy to introduce the very first Novels and Nail Polish Gift Guide for book worms and polish lovers alike. ENJOY!

Novels and Nail Polish Gift Guide

  1. Litographs The Great Gatsby Book Poster ($24) – A good book is a work of art, but this takes it to a whole different level! The Litographs book posters use the text of classic novels and turn them into a gorgeous, visual display of the book.  Grab this for the artsy-fartsy book nerds in your life!
  2. Litographs Temporary Book Tattoo ($5/set of 2) – I adore these temporary tattoos from Litographs! I joined the lucky group of backers for their tattoo Kickstarter campaign, and am now a part of the world’s longest temporary tattoo chain. These tattoos are made to be entertainment quality, just like the ones makeup artists use in the movies and TV shows. They apply easily, and if you’re a commitment-phobe, you’ll finally be able to live out your tattoo dreams!
  3. Nails Inc Winter Wonderland ($29) – There are two main reasons I love NailsInc. One, the polishes apply beautifully. Two, their new bottles are absolutely gorgeous! I definitely bought this set for myself on Black Friday, and it is perfection for the holidays! For ladies that want to sparkle and shine their way through December, these are a must!
  4. Rifle Paper Co. Puffin in Bloom Collection ($16 each) – Those who are familiar with my previous post about cover redesigns know my love for the Anna Bond designed covers runs deep! Whether you’re looking for shelf candy or actually want to read these classics, they’re a must-have for any serious book collector.
  5. Fangirl ($19) + Mint Polish in Original Mint ($12) – If you love YA Fiction, chances are you love Rainbow Rowell, or have at least heard of her. She’s written a handful of incredibly popular and moving stories, and Fangirl was the first, and favorite, I’ve read of hers! The cover is the perfect mint, so it’s no surprise that I paired it with Mint Polish’s Original Mint! I am a huge fan of this brand and their products, and if you’re going for mint, why wouldn’t you grab it from a company who shares the name?!
  6. I’ll Give You The Sun ($18) + Essie Polishes in Capri, In The Cab-ana & Blanc ($8.50) – I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson was one of the most highly anticipated YA novels of the fall. It’s two stories in one, each half told by a brother and sister. It’s high on my TBR list, especially because I already have a couple of great ideas for a cover-inspired manicure! I paired Essie polishes with it because the brand is one of my go-to lacquers. White, aqua and orange effectively capture the essence of the cover, without looking like a circus!
  7. AngeliqueInk Custom Book Stamp ($40) – I received this stamp for my birthday six months ago, and it quickly became one of my prized bookworm possessions. The simple type paired with the custom hand-lettered calligraphy embodies everything I love in design. Stamps like this will bring the biggest smile to any book hoarder in your life!
  8. R. Nichols READ Candle ($45) – How many people would raise their hand if I asked who loves the smell of libraries and old books? A TON, I’m sure. If you’re one of those bibliophiles, this beautiful book candle will be the perfect addition to your reading nook!
  9. ThinkGeek Book Pillows ($10) – Pillows are important, but they’re not all created equal. That’s where these ThinkGeek book pillows come in! This set is their holiday collection, and they’re completely and totally necessary for your next all-night read-a-thon!
  10. Hogwarts Travel Posters ($15 each) – Harry Potter. Minimalist travel posters. Enough said, my friends.

Tell me, what’s on your Christmas list? I’m always looking for more book/nail polish things to add to my already massive collections! Happy Reading!


Thank Goodness For Books

Happy Thanksgiving

There is so much to be thankful for in my life currently. I have the most incredible family, a job I love, friends I can count on no matter what and enough nail polish to last for a long time! But there’s one other thing that has done so much for me and asked nothing in return, and it’s books. I wanted to take the time today to shine the spotlight on a couple novels and series that have meant so much to me through the years.

First, I want to send my love and prayer to the community of Ferguson, and say that I’m Thankful for the Ferguson Public Library for knowing that books can change and save lives.

National Book Lovers Day

What can I say about the Harry Potter series that hasn’t been said before? I was one of the lucky ones that grew up as Harry, Ron and Hermione did, and I can honestly say that I don’t think my love of books would be what it is today without this series.

Gone With The Wind Quote

Gone with the Wind was the first classic that I truly fell in love with, and it gave me a story that I can come back to time and time again. And with her sassy and bold personality, Scarlett is my favorite literary heroine!

The Hunger Games Series

The Hunger Games series came to me when I needed it most. I’d just started college and recently moved away from home. On top of that, the end of Fall Semester brought a breakup for me and my then-boyfriend. I wasn’t happy, and I was looking for something to pull me out of that really hard time. That was The Hunger Games for me. My best friend let me borrow it, and it was so incredible, I went out and bought it for myself! Catching Fire and Mockingjay were no less amazing in the following years, and the movies have added, not taken away, from their magic.

What books are you thankful for? Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Reading!

A Fall Fairytale

I have a little story for you today. Picture this…

Once upon a time, a fair maiden lived in the enchanted southern region of California. She longed to see something she’d only heard tell of in her mother’s stories: Autumn. You see, where she lived, there was only one season: warm. But she knew there was a way to make her dream a reality, by making the pilgrimage to the mystical Tree of Fall.

And you know what? She did just that, and there she was rewarded with leaves of scarlet, gold and orange. She was filled with joy and contentment , and she lived happily ever after.

Fall Leaves and Books

The ‘once upon a time’ of that story was this past weekend, the magical princess is me and the ‘Tree of Fall’ is the ONLY tree on my street that makes it look like November. All I wanted was a few pictures of my new TBR list additions with the pretty fall leaves, but that’s a tall order in SoCal. All of the damn leaves by my house are GREEN, just as the sky is still blue. But I found the perfect tree, which allowed me to take the perfect pictures.

Fall and Paper Towns

Fall and Attachments

Have you read either of these contemporaries? I’d love to hear what you think of them! Happy Reading!

Literary Love {Engagement}

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved everything surrounding weddings. The attire, decor, venue and especially the most important part, LOVE! I’ve interned at multiple business involved in the wedding industry, everything from planning events to doing social media and PR for wedding brands. Because of my experiences, I pretty much have my entire wedding planned out already.. except for the groom! But that hasn’t stopped me from dedicating multiple Pinterest boards to my future big day!

One thing I’ve always known is that I need books involved in my wedding in some way. My dream wedding would look a lot like the amazing Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs’ nuptials, filled with the most gorgeous incorporation of literature I’ve ever seen!

Over the next couple weeks, I will be sharing inspiration for each part of a literary-themed wedding!

Let’s start at the very beginning: Engagement Photo Shoot!

Book Engagement
Image // Green Wedding Shoes

From book pages to photo shoots in the library, literature can easily be incorporated into an engagement shoot. Add tiny details, like vintage books on a table, or go all the way and spend entire afternoon in the book stacks.

Book Engagement Shoot
Image // Savvy Deets Bridal
Book Engagement
Image // Pinterest

You know what they say about what goes on in the book stacks!

Image // Love Olio
Image // Love Olio
Image // Pinterest
Image // Pinterest
Image // Book Riot
Image // Book Riot

DIY touches are always welcome in the bookworm community! Love the non-fiction reference.

Image // Book Riot
Image // Book Riot

Did you have a literary inspired engagement photo shoot? I would love to see the gorgeous photos! Happy Reading!