{First Look} Illustrated Chamber of Secrets

GUYS! WE GOT OUR FIRST LOOK AT THE SECOND ILLUSTRATED HARRY POTTER BOOK TODAY OMG!HP2_Phoenix_layers_editClearly I’m really stoked. The illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone has become one of my most prized possessions, so this news is seriously so exciting. I mean, that phoenix. And Hagrid.ChamberOfSecrets_5It’s just too much beauty to handle. Especially since we have to wait until October to get our hands on this beauty. It’s ok… deep breaths and we’ll be fine…

Happy Reading!


Bookworm Tour {Los Angeles}

I love LA!

Not only is that a classic Randy Newman song, but I mean it backwards, forwards and walking past the local bum. And even though I spend over 50 hours a week in Downtown Los Angeles, I haven’t explored every book nook & cranny out there. Book pages are waiting to be turned and old library smell is waiting to be inhaled at iconic independent bookstores and libraries unique to LA. This summer, I’m going to make the most of our SoCal sunshining weekends and go on a bookworm tour of Literary LA!

Skylight Books

Book Stores – While most bookworms have heard of The Last Bookstore, there are so many additional independent bookstore gems in LA and the surrounding areas that deserve to be visited:

The Last Bookstore, Caravan Book Store, Skylight Books, The Fashion Bookstore at California Mart, REDCAT Books, Books & Cookies, Mystery Pier Books, Book Soup, Hennessey + Ingalls, Bookmarc, Secret Headquarters, Pop-Hop Books & Print, Diesel, Vroman’s, Stories Books and Cafe,  Traveler’s Bookcase, Dawson’s Book Shop, Distant Lands

Libraries – Like bookstores, libraries hold a special kind of magic. They keep literature alive, and LA has some of the most astounding libraries in the world:

The Huntington Library, LA Central Library, Doheny Memorial Library & Hoose Philosophy Library (USC), Powell Library (UCLA), Lincoln Heights, Vermont Square and Cahuenga Public Libraries (3 oldest public libraries in LA)

Literary Spots – These are both places that are iconic in novels, as well as fun book-themed spots that us bibliophiles want to stay forever:

Whimsic Alley, Angel’s Flight, Library Bar, The Library Store, Literati Cafe, Hemingway’s Lounge, The Wellesbourne

Come along with me for the ride! And if you have any suggestions of must-see booklover locations in Los Angeles, let me know! Happy Reading!

Just Take My Money {Rainbow Rowell}

Like her namesake, Rainbow Rowell lights up my bookshelf with her gorgeous books. I’m not kidding! It isn’t a true book rainbow if it doesn’t have at least one of her novels in the lineup. And the stories she creates aren’t half bad either. So let’s just cut to the chase: new Rowell beauties are coming our way this year!

First up, the Fangirl special edition

Fangirl Special Edition

PRETTY. Literally the first thing I could think when I heard about the candy-colored special editions hitting the market in May. Do I want them all? HELL YES. Will I get them all? Probably not all, but at least one! My insides get all giddy thinking about the pastel colors, embossed inner covers and fan art tucked inside. Since my birthday is next month, it’ll definitely be a treat to myself!

Next on the list, Carry On.

enhanced-19465-1429806575-15New Rainbow Rowell? Yes please! Continuing the story of Simon and Baz, Carry On tells readers all about the characters we met in Fangirl.  Buzzfeed released the cover this past week, and I’m absolutely itching to make it a mani! But we’ll have to wait to get our hands on it until October of this year. Thankfully we have our pastel pretties up above to tide us over.

Are you excited for new Rainbow Rowell? Happy Reading!

Just Take My Money {HP Edition}

There are certain franchises that can literally take the money out of my pocket without asking. If you’ve been around Novels and Nail Polish at all (especially recently), you can probably tell that Harry Potter is number one on this list for me. Merch, books, movies, you name it. I’ll buy anything and everything HP related, and I ain’t even mad!

Last month, Scholastic and Bloomsbury released the cover for the first fully illustrated Harry Potter book, HP and the Sorcerer’s (or Philosopher’s) Stone. You excited? Because I AM! This illustrated series gives the massive army of bookworms another 7 years of excitement and anticipation, which is something we thrive on. October 6 – start your countdown now.

You better start working on your book nerd game if looking at the cover art below doesn’t get you all hot and bothered!

Harry Potter Illustrated Cover

And if you’ve missed some of the images they’ve released from inside the book, take a look below:

enhanced-23058-1427391521-3Now that’s what I call magical! Happy Reading!