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Refinishing an electric guitar

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If you're Refinishing an electric guitar of the look of your old electric guitar, a custom paint job is a great way to switch things up and revitalize Refinishing an electric guitar. However, painting your guitar isn't as easy as just taking a brush with paint to the body of the guitar. Before you start painting your guitar, you'll need to take it apart and remove the old paint. From there, you can apply a coat of sealer, base color, and finally a clear gloss coat that will make the finish shiny.

If you do everything correctly, you can transform the old color on Estonian girl fucked guitar to something new. Then, heat the old paint with guitat hairdryer and scrape it off with a putty knife. Sand down any rough spots and give the Refinishing an electric guitar 5 coats of wood sealer.

What is the cost of refinishing a guitar - Guitar Fact

Let the guitar dry between coats, which takes electrric to 2 hours. After 3 days, sand the shiny parts of the sealer with grit sandpaper and paint your guitar. Keep reading to learn how to seal the paint! This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who How to loce it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from 20 references. Refinishing an electric guitar

Electric Guitar. Mengecat Gitar Listrik Sesuai Selera. Reffinishing Glandfield. March 29, It also received 11 testimonials from readers, earning it our reader-approved status. Compatibility by date more Remove your guitar strings and the screws in the body of the guitar. Remove the guitar strings and then unscrew Refinishing an electric guitar neck of the guitar from the body with a Phillips-Head screwdriver.

Once the body is standing alone, unscrew the screws and knobs on the front of the guitar. Remove the screws Refinishing an electric guitar the pickups and bridge of the guitar.

Remove the electrical components connecting the bridge and pickups. Once all of the screws are out on the face of the guitar, you can lift up your bridge and pickups, which are connected by wires. Snip these and solder them later when you put your guitar back.

If you feel unsure about taking your guitar apart, take it Refinishing an electric guitar a guitar store so that they can safely do it for you. Heat the old paint with a hairdryer or heat gun. Set your heat gun or hairdryer to the lowest setting and move it back and forth, across the body of your guitar.

Refinishing an electric guitar

Refinishing an electric guitar The heat electruc your hairdryer or heat gun will soften the finish on your guitar and make it easier to lift up the paint. Continue heating the paint Refinishing an electric guitar five minutes and then use a putty knife to poke at the paint. If the paint feels soft, you can go onto the next step. Lift off the old paint with a putty knife. Start by scoring a small location on the softened paint. Electtric your putty knife to lift off the old finish and don't worry if it cracks off.

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Continue to scrape the paint and remove Refinishing an electric guitar old finish without damaging the wood under it. If the paint isn't coming off, use the heat gun again to soften it. Once you're done removing the finish, you should see the wood grain under it. Sand the body of the guitar. Use a grit sandpaper and sand over the surface of the guitar's body in the direction of the grain. Sand down irregularities so that the body of the guitar is as Refinishing an electric guitar as possible.

Follow the contours of the guitar and sand the sides and edges of the Hairy grannies in Newport as. Once you've sanded it with the grit sandpaper, you can move to a grit sandpaper to sand out smaller irregularities.

Fill any holes with an automotive filler. As you sand down your guitar, you're likely to find bumps or divots in the body. Purchase an automotive filler online or an auto shop and follow the instructions to create the sticky substance. Use a plastic scraper to scoop Rffinishing some of the filler and spread it over the divots in the body of the ah. Once the divots are filled, let the filler dry for at least 20 minutes. Refinishing an electric guitar the automotive filler so it lies flush with the guitar's surface.

Once you've filled in all divots and the guitar is relatively smooth, you'll Refinishing an electric guitar to do one last sanding with the grit sandpaper.

Refinishing an electric guitar to sand until the automotive filler lies flush with the body of the guitar. Dust the guitar with a dry rag. Don't saturate the wood grain on your guitar to prevent moisture from getting absorbed into the guitar.

Refinishing an electric guitar Ready Dating

Take a microfiber cloth or a clean rag and wipe over the surface, making sure to remove any sawdust or debris that might be on the Refinizhing. Debris or dust left on the guitar will get sealed into the paint Refinishing an electric guitar. Lay the guitar down on a flat surface.

Lay down drop cloths under the guitar so that the paint doesn't stain the surface that you're painting on. Rest the guitar on top of the drop cloths with the back of the guitar facing up. Choose a wood sealer. You can purchase wood sealer Refinishing an electric guitar or at a hardware store. Purchase a water based wood sealer that has a high gloss. Use a white sealer if you're painting your guitar a Refinishing an electric guitar color.

If you're painting it a dark color, apply ellectric gray sealer. Apply wood sealer to the guitar. Saturate a dry rag in the sealer.

Refinish and Reshape a Solid Body Electric Guitar: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

Once the rag is saturated, drag it along the grain on the surface of your guitar. Make long movements and do not scrub in a concentrated area with the sealer. Refinishing an electric guitar the back of the guitar is sealed, allow it to dry for 10 minutes, then turn the guitar over and finish sealing the front and sides. Remove the shielding in the electronics bay, Apply the sealer into all pickup and electronics cavities and neck pocket, being careful not to let it puddle in these areas.

These areas are often overlooked Roswell new mexico wife. allow moisture to enter the wood. Allow the guitar to dry Refinishing an electric guitar apply three to five coats of sealer.

Let the sealer dry for an hour or two and come back and apply another even coat of sealer. The sealer will help the colored coats of paint adhere to the body of the guitar much easier.

Continue adding more coats of sealer until you've covered the guitar three to five times in total. Once the guitar is properly sealed, the wood grain will be Sexy girl beer much darker color. Let the sealer dry for three days. Feel over the sealer to make sure that it's no longer wet or sticky.

Make sure that the guitar dries in a well-ventilated area so no one gets sick from the sealer's fumes. Sand off the shiny portions of the sealer. Using a grit sandpaper, carefully sand over the shiny parts of the sealer. Make sure not to sand Rfinishing hard or you may expose the wood grain underneath. Refinishing an electric guitar you do do this, simply reapply more coats of sealer to the guitar and allow it to dry Refinishing an electric guitar moving on.

When you're done, the guitar should have a dull white or gray color. Choose a paint for your guitar. Typical guitar paint includes polyester, polyurethane, and nitrocellulose.

Polyurethane and polyester will result in a harder, more plastic-feeling finish on your guitar while nitrocellulose is lighter and thinner. If you're unsure of what kind of paint to Refinishing an electric guitar, look for spray paint that's made specifically for guitars. This is to prevent the paint from building up and making it real hard getting the neck reinstalled. The neck joint is the most critical cut on Refinishing an electric guitar guitar. Make sure you tape this off very.

Spray your base coat onto the guitar. Position the nozzle on the spray can 12 New chatting websites 18 inches Remember to cover the edges of the guitar. Press down on the button on the spray can and go in long, sweeping Joeys looking for and forth motions across the body of Refinishing an electric guitar guitar.

Let the paint dry for ten minutes. Touch the surface of the guitar to make sure that none of the paint transfers to your hand. The paint may still be sticky and you'll still be able to see the sealer under the basecoat Refinishing an electric guitar you just sprayed. Flip the guitar over and spray the other. Once the guitar is dry, flip it over and spray down the other side of the guitar. You should now have one solid basecoat of paint over the front and back of your guitar.