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The following is a quick reference guide for.

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All recognized breeds. There are a lot of breeders who do not focus.

There is much more to a Bengal than pretty spots. Please use this reference to insure that you are getting a quality Bengal. The most common deficiencies breeders ignore and pass off as normal to unknowing buyers are "bunny ears" and "rat tails".

Ears should be small and almost rounded while the tail should gor short and. Bengals should also be a larger cat, with males weighing in excess of 20 pounds. It is very common for us to send kittens home weighing pounds.

In addition to our Bengals we also work with the local animal shelters by fostering rescue pets and Kittens for sale in tennessee donating a percent of all our sales to the local no kill shelter. Please take some time tenenssee look at our sweet adoptable rescue pets.

Their pictures can be found at the bottom of our kitten page. You can add your name to the list on our Locanto bali personal services page. Due to a change in Department of Agriculture Kittens for sale in tennessee for pet breeders that the USDA itself has interpreted in contradictory ways, it is impossible for most persons who sell pets to know whether it is legal to ship a pet that the buyer has not seen in person.

Violations of this rule carry severe penalties. For our safety, ALL sales must take place face to face.

Names For Escorts

This ruling is going to seriously curtail the choice of those wishing to buy the pet of their choice unless you are willing to travel to your breeder of choice regardless of distance. The stories in this books are all about local cats!

Non Profit c 3. Fleas, Worms, and Parasite treated.

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Free Petsmart adoption pack! Free food, vet visit, and more!

She works very hard to find homes for cats and kittens that have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances. Come by and take photos.

Would you like Callie to visit you at your Birthday Kitetns or special event? Give give us a. Look to see if your company matches your donation!

Your browser does not support iframes. Knoxville Dog Walking.

Need advice on Feline Care?