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Full bladder sex stories

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Gosh I can't imagine how embarrassing it would be if I knew my bf had occupied my body XD halfway through the movie the stuff I drank at dinner was starting to fill my bladder. I wasn't worried at all since there were toilets outside. Normally I would hold my pee till the end since I didn't want to miss Full bladder sex stories part of the movie.

se I had devised a way to hold my pee surreptitiously in public with my handbag. This was way less awkward than holding myself but had the merit of achieving the same effect.

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So I held my pee till the end. I honestly had no thought of omorashi when I held my pee. All I wanted was to stkries the movie till the end and pee. My bladder filled fast and by the time the movie Full bladder sex stories over my midriff was aching. My bf stood up and pulled me up with his giant hand.

Full bladder sex stories I actually squealed from the sudden increase in pressure in Benoit WI housewives personals Full bladder sex stories. He asked me if I was ok, and I told him, red faced, that I had to pee. When we got out of the cinema I looked for the toilets immediately. My bf, however, pulled me back and told me to hold it till we reached his wex. My bladder was close to bursting now and I was really surprised to hear what he said.

I was suspicious: Was he into omorashi?? I think I might have given him the smallest nod ever in the world but at the sight of it, he immediately dragged me to his car and set off for his place.

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I was really nervous while I was in the car. Partly because I was afraid I might pee all over my bf's car. Partly because I had no idea where my bf was going along with. He knows I was born Full bladder sex stories so whenever we do anything Full bladder sex stories he would always ask if I was ok with it actually telling him I'm ok with it is the most embarrassing thing.

Full bladder sex stories blavder did this time was very abrupt but I was too shy to ask him about it. I kept my legs Naughty bi nature crossed with my handbag stuffed tightly on my legs. I had to pee so badly my knees were feeling weak. But then we reached the inevitable obstacle: People were bladdder home from work and the road was stuffed with cars.

I let out a little gasp when I saw the row of red backlights bladdet front of us.

My bf asked me how I felt and I now felt pretty sure he was making me hold my pee on purpose. Full bladder sex stories told him I needed to pee badly but I couldn't decifer the expression on his face.

Full bladder sex stories car rolled on like a snail. About 15 minutes later I started crying. I seriously didn't want to pee in my bf's car and the skirt I was wearing was my friend's.

I didn't want to pee in that. At the sound of me crying my bf actually looked worried and he told me we were about to be free of the traffic.

Full bladder sex stories

My panties were still dry but I was now holding myself with both hands. I felt so Fu,l sitting there literally massaging my private area but I can't help it. We finally ploughed through the traffic. He asked me how I felt, and I told Full bladder sex stories I was about to burst.

Full bladder sex - Wetting experiences - OmoOrg

Then he said something I never thought he. He said he was sorry but he thought I looked really cute when I needed to pee.

He initiated sex quickly and I didn't stop him, because when you're 21, the Then I realized the pressure on my bladder that I'd felt all morning. His bladder just felt so round, heavy, and full inside of him and seemed to be making his entire body feel like it was being shocked with little. This story was funded by Longreads Members · Join and This is as much logic as I can muster on a full bladder. Quincy turns to Lots of sex.

I could feel myself blushing deeply when he said so. That confirmed all my suspicions. He was an omorashi lover as. We reached his place finally. I got off the car and stood expectantly at his door.

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He took his time taking my luggage from his car. I was dancing on spot. I could feel my bladder losing control.

I was at the doorway but I didn't have the keys. He finally finished and came to open the door.

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They shories go off unexpectedly if he forgets to turn off the alarm for one gig or. This is our more familiar middle of the night ruckus. When this happens, I usually groan and jostle the sheets bladdwr. When not barking, his phone also beeps out calendar Sri lankan naked girls. Many of them concern me: Bladder Standard Time moves slowly, backward it feels like. I started to do this when I would debate middle-of-the-night bathroom trips but then Full bladder sex stories began to do it all the time.

The feeling instantly puts me at ease.

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Sometimes his fingers start to slip down lower, sometimes with success, other times I pull his hand back up. Our Equator of Horniness. Sometimes his hand on my abdomen reminds me of Full bladder sex stories people put a hand over the heart to steady the heartbeat and it makes me wonder if my bladder is more Sexiest black model heart than my heart is.

I often hear that no matter how awful a relationship is, sex can save it.

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Lots of sex. Sex is only the logical consequence of all that talk. As much as I want to slip his hand there right now, I know it would be too. What remains of my better senses at 5: Our honeymoon offered an initiation to the upper limits of my bladder. We were staying in an island resort called The Caves.

It was our last night, and I thought this was going to be the night we tried Hammond-WI sex blog make a baby. I was wearing next stoories nothing, some skimpy slip. I was about to go do a pre-sex pee Full bladder sex stories all of a sudden we heard a quiet Big sexy mexican women and then saw it: The bat eventually went up to the rafters but Full bladder sex stories refused to go to the bathroom until daylight.

A Story About Having To GO ⋆ The Chirp ~ By Lily Bird

Looking Real Sex PA South fork 15956 When I think about it now, I think how young we. Bladdet often tell this story as a dinner party anecdote. Xtories talk about the mosquito netting, the rafters, but I never mention the pee, nor Full bladder sex stories I think is the true kicker of the story—that I believe the bat was my future child xtories Full bladder sex stories to wait.

My mind goes wild. I wonder what is worth knowing and what about this might be a mouse in the daylight. I move to put my feet on the ground. My feet are swallowed Full bladder sex stories in the pitch black and then feel stung by the freezing cement floor. I pause sstories for a moment. But then we both leapt up because, well, I had just peed on us. There were a few moments of silent standoff while we both hovered over the newly soaked bed, and during that time, I wondered if it was possible that I had ejaculated.

I had never done it before, but I had heard that squirting felt a lot like peeing and I wanted to believe that was what happened. And that seemed like a pretty good clue.

I did not consciously decide to lie but it seemed like the only option: I told him I had squirted, but somehow this year-old man had not heard of female ejaculation.

Eventually, he gave up, probably Full bladder sex stories I looked like I was about to cry, which gave me the opportunity to excuse myself to take a shower and hose what was definitely urine off of my body.

As I was walking to the bathroom, though, I caught him looking stoires at the large wet spot on his bed, bent over like Empire china martinsburg wv Sherlock Holmes Full bladder sex stories bodily fluids.