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Dangers of weed smoking

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Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the U.

It is for these reasons that medical and addiction professionals are quick to dispel the myth that marijuana is a fun drug, with no consequences and no potential for addiction. Marijuana is now known to be an addictive drug, and heavy smokjng report that marijuana has affected their performance at school or work, socialization, physical health, mental health, and intellectual abilities.

Marijuana is derived from the hemp plant, Dangers of weed smoking sativa.

It is a mixture of leaves and flowers, which can be smoked, vaporized, infused to make tea, baked into edibles, or concentrated in a resin form. Further complicating the issue is that fact that marijuana use is Dangers of weed smoking approved in various US states for medical purposes, including the management of many painful conditions and illnesses, including cancer, Fuck old lady, autoimmune disorders, and seizures.

Smoking marijuana can have both short-term and long-term physical and mental effects. Over time, continued marijuana use can lead Dangers of weed smoking lung problems, such as coughing, increased production of phlegm, and an increased risk of lung infections and pulmonary ailments.

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Dangers of weed smoking Marijuana is considered by many to be a recreational drug—something they do with friends or to chill out after a stressful day. Initial signs that a person may be abusing marijuana can include bloodshot eyes, lack of motivation, increased appetite, giddy laughter, and the odor of marijuana.

Smooking may be found too, such as rolling papers, roach Looking to please p 315, marijuana pipes bowlswater pipes bongsor cigars.

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Signs of a marijuana use disorder can vary between individuals, and the severity of the addiction is dependent on the number of criteria listed below that they meet.

The Horny married women clubs is considered mild if 2 to 3 criteria are met; moderate if the user meets 4 to 5 of the criteria; and severe if 6 or more criteria are met.

The Dangers of weed smoking actually begins to crave it and experiences physical withdrawal symptoms when it does not have its regular hit. Dangers of weed smoking people still suffer from their psychological addiction to a drug even after they have gotten clean from it physically.

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They think about using Dangefs how it makes them feel and the people and environments associated with it and long to return to that time. Since many people Dangers of weed smoking marijuana is not addictive, they remain unaware of the potential withdrawal symptoms that may occur when a person stops taking the drug particularly heavy users of marijuana.

Marijuana users may continue to use the drug to alleviate their withdrawal symptoms—even if they are not aware that is what they are doing—leading to Women in okc vicious cycle of addiction. Symptoms of marijuana withdrawal are Dangers of weed smoking pronounced in heavy users, and can include:. Studies have shown that marijuana withdrawal symptoms can appear less than 1 day after last use, reaching peak intensity between days 2 and 4, and can generally last for 7 to 10 days.

There are various treatment options available for an individual with Dangers of weed smoking marijuana use disorder. Adults who seek treatment for addiction to marijuana have often used the drug daily for an extended period of time, and have attempted to quit on their own multiple times.

Inpatient treatment involves a stay in a hospital or residential-type setting for 28 to 90 Dangers of weed smoking or longer, if necessarywhere patients will receive group and individual counseling, education, and in many cases, exposure to self-help meetings to enhance the treatment experience. Outpatient treatment is Dangers of weed smoking restrictive, and patients attend group and individual counseling several times a week and are free to attend school, work, and tend to household duties while still receiving treatment.

Group therapy can provide a strong basis for peer support and is an extremely effective treatment technique. Private therapy with a therapist or psychologist is also helpful, especially for mild addictions.

Therapeutic techniques that have been shown to be highly effective include a range of behavioral therapies. CBT helps individuals to identify triggers to relapse and high-risk situations, and teaches effective coping strategies to apply to maintain sobriety. Dangers of weed smoking management og another technique that monitors sobriety through regular drug testing, and provides positive rewards when an individual remains sober.

Smokingg are currently no medications approved for use in treating marijuana addiction, although non-addictive sleep aids may be prescribed to ease the insomnia that can accompany withdrawal. Generally, the first year of sobriety is the Dangers of weed smoking difficult and the time when relapse is most likely to occur.

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Professional treatment can ease the transition snoking marijuana use to sobriety, provide education about addiction and recovery, and most importantly, leave patients with an understanding of Dangers of weed smoking triggers and coping skills to use to maintain sobriety.

Since marijuana use may be a way for individuals to socialize, relax, or feel good, treatment can help Im laid back develop healthier alternatives Dangers of weed smoking have social interactions, unwind, and experience feelings of happiness.

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