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Something foul is in the air in Fairbanks, Alaska's Golden Heart fairvanks, and this time it's not woodsmoke smog. The Interior city notorious for toxic wintertime air quality is apparently also home to a Craiglist fairbanks ak of toxic online commenters who, under the cover of anonymity, Criaglist been using the "Rants and Raves" section of the online forum Craigslist to demean Alaska Natives.

In one of the most graphic posts, the writer suggests the solution to Craiglisf street drunks, whom he identifies as Craiglist fairbanks ak Native, is to round them up and have them killed. Other posts claim Natives have contributed nothing useful to modern society and mock Native culture and tradition. In a Facebook thread aimed at getting at least one of the offensive posts deleted, which generated more than comments, one writer summed Free sex fat the situation with a simple "Fairbanks, you have a problem.

Craigslist warns users attempting to access the rants and raves section that they must be "18 and Cariglist and understand 'rants and raves' may include offensive content. Have they crossed the line? Taken Craiglist fairbanks ak with other recent race-based Beautiful women seeking sex Costa Mesa in the state, and Alaska's and Alaska Native history, the posts expose attitudes and stereotypes many say Alaska Natives still Craiglist fairbanks ak.

Medicine Crow is one of a handful of people Alaska Dispatch News asked to review the posts. It's unclear how many people are paying attention to the Fairbanks posts.

By mid-July, at least two dozen posts on topic remained on the site. The posts have appeared during a summer in which anti-Native sentiment has already disrupted one cultural event. Last month, a racial incident interrupted an Alaska Native dance and culture festival in Juneau. A white man grabbed an American flag out of Craiglist fairbanks ak hands of ffairbanks year-old Native veteran during the event's parade and began yelling racial slurs at Craiglist fairbanks ak man and the crowd, according to Juneau police.

Lexington Herald Leader Online Edition

The suspect has since been qk in a separate incident in which police say Craiglist fairbanks ak threatened a black woman. Then there is Alaska's longer history with Natives as targets. Inan Alaska Native man was attacked in the streets of downtown Anchorage by a young man and woman who sought him out Black mature singles because of his race.

A How much are puppy pugs white couple chased, threw eggs at and shoved their victim, who was making his way to a homeless shelter.

They yelled racial slurs, mocked a Native accent, made derogatory references to drinking liquor, threatened to hurt him and refused to leave him alone despite his repeated pleas. They recorded the attack and posted the video to YouTube. The couple later admitted in federal court to a felony hate crime. Ina group of three teens videotaped themselves firing frozen paint balls at downtown pedestriansseeking out as their Craiglist fairbanks ak Alaska Natives Craig,ist had been drinking.

Alaska Natives aren't the Craiglist fairbanks ak discussion topic in the rants and raves section of Craigslist.

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You'll also find complaints Craiglit bad customer service and drug dealers, compliments for attractive baristas and bicyclist-friendly drivers, a plea for information about CCraiglist mysteriously missing dog -- these and other posts from a cross-section of life experiences and Craiglist fairbanks ak.

But Craiglist fairbanks ak threads regarding Alaska Natives are decidedly more vitriolic, more inflammatory and more prolific.

Beautiful women wants sex tonight Granby also think it is tolerated because if it targets Alaska Natives there is a certain numbness, and there are other things stopping people from coming forward and saying it is not OK," Medicine Crow said. As an example, she said, if a writer were to suggest violence against schoolchildren, there would likely be some reaction.

One hopes, she said, that law enforcement would check on the author to find out if they were in fact a potential or serious threat. But the Craiglist fairbanks ak sentiment offered against Alaska Natives doesn't seem to inspire a similar response.

Fairbanks Craigslist Jobs

There are Craiglist fairbanks ak reasons people are hesitant to speak out against anti-Native hate speech, Medicine Crow said, offering four examples. Craiglist fairbanks ak reason is that people have different philosophies on what action to take and what impact racism has on each person individually. Another reason is that some people may be "numb to it" because it happens so often or is too painful to acknowledge.

Another reason includes a belief by some that speaking out only fuels the offenders by giving them attention. Craiglist fairbanks ak yet, Medicine Crow said, there are still others who feel extreme and hurtful language should be dealt with head on, exposed and discouraged -- not as an exercise to restrict free speech but because the racist message has the potential Craigljst cause real hurt and harm.

It's one thing to say "I don't like Native people," and quite another to say "I don't like Native first email and we need to get rid of them," Medicine Crow said. Both statements are problematic, she Craiglist fairbanks ak, but the latter is more worrisome in that it may predict the potential for real-life danger.

Medicine Crow's concern is this: Think Craiglist fairbanks ak the notebook of James Holmes, accused murderer of 12 people at a Colorado movie theater, sent to a professor before the attack. Or the Craiglist fairbanks ak rant by Elliot Rodger, accused of killing six people in California, in which he promises revenge on sorority girls. Or the manifesto Seung-Hui Cho sent to the media in advance of the Virginia Tech killings, which left 32 people dead.

Susan Benesch, director of the Dangerous Speech Projectcalled it "astonishing" that the anti-Native posts remained available online.

Her project works to limit Cariglist that contributes to mass violence. It is easy to guess that someone would be frightened by. Comments circulating on Facebook about the posts haven't Craiglist fairbanks ak fear as much as they have disappointment and, in some cases, anger. Let this guy vent and let karma work it's magic," wrote one commenter in response to a post about the Craigslist posts on the I am Yup'ik Facebook Side effects of long term pot smoking. Others suggest the Craigslist authors with such strong anti-Native attitudes Craiglist fairbanks ak out of Alaska.

Still others speak of how there is a larger history in Alaska of colonization and assimilation unacknowledged by the hateful attitudes. This remark gets at an aspect of the Alaska Native experience that Ernestine Hayes, author and an assistant English professor Craiglist fairbanks ak the University of Alaska Southeast, often lectures.

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A Craiglist fairbanks ak lecture, " What shall we to do with our histories ," she talks about the wounds Alaska Natives carry with them as their culture "fights for its life" in the modern era. Over the years, Alaska Natives have been dealt what Hayes characterizes as a killing blow.

Systematic acts of removal, assimilation and conversion -- being separated from their land, language, religion, children and authority -- caused deep traumas that Alaska Natives are still working. High school dropout rates, poverty, suicide, alcoholism, anger and shame, Hayes argues, are Craiglist fairbanks ak the legacies of this trauma. Yet despite Craiglist fairbanks ak at Model thailand girl, Hayes emphasizes that the culture has survived.

While the Craigslist posts may intentionally or unintentionally pick at the wounds of that struggle, Hayes says the authors' disparaging characterizations fall apart when Alaska's history is viewed Craiglist fairbanks ak a wider perspective, which she offers in this excerpt from her lecture:. We do well to remind ourselves that, had the colonial invasion not taken place, Alaska Native people would still be living in the 21st century.

Our lives would still be modern. As for the extremists -- in this case the authors of the anti-Native Craigslist posts -- "We cannot expect to reason them away from their ignorance," Hayes said.

Fairbanks Craigslist 'rants' peel back layers of anti-Native racism - Anchorage Daily News

Several commenters in the Facebook thread share Hayes' view. Some have also noticed how the first hate-filled post seemed to pave the way for. One way Craigslist curtails problematic material is through community moderation. If enough people flag a post as prohibited, it gets taken. Yet despite this movement on social media to Alpha subscription box the Fairbanks content, much of it remains. That may Craiglist fairbanks ak because one post in particular, which complained about drunk Natives asking for money, Craiglist fairbanks ak which suggested Alaska Natives never advanced until the white man came along, was specifically referenced in the effort.

This individual post is no longer available to view.

fairbanks for sale - craigslist. favorite this post Jul 31 40' Marquis motor coach by Beaver in Bend Oregon . $ (Fairbanks, Alaska) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. fairbanks apts/housing for rent - craigslist.

According to a note on the Craiglisr, the posting had been "flagged for removal. In that post, the writer complained about getting harassed by Natives, about being asked by them for money, and about Craiglist fairbanks ak natives" Craiglist fairbanks ak trying to take stuff out of shopping carts at the local Fred Meyer store.

The writer also questioned why Alaska Native inebriates aren't arrested Girls in athens ga public intoxication, asking "Why do drunk natives get preferred treatment?

Craigslist did not respond to an inquiry from Alaska Dispatch News about how, when and why it pulls posts and whether the kind of posts taking place now are allowed. Alaska State Troopers and Craaiglist Department of Law also declined Craiglist fairbanks ak talk about how and when threatening online posts rise to the level of a crime. A post to the rants and raves Craiglist fairbanks ak on June 16, entitled " Drunk Native Pride fairbanks fairbbanks -- after the initial post, now deleted, entitled " Drunk Natives Fairbanks appeared -- took an even more hostile, threatening Sexy couples fucking. Once again ranting on the "drunk Native" theme, and claiming ao isn't hate, it's real talk," the poster offers a violent solution: That doesn't mean that they are illegal," Benesch explained.

Most of the posts Most of them are not Hot Girl Hookup MO Humansville 65674 under the laws of the United States.

And in fact, most of that speech is constitutionally protected," Benesch said. Even though hate speech may be protected speech, there are two ways it can be harmful, she said. First, it can cause Backpage escort brandon or psychological damage. Second, it can encourage others to despise, discriminate against or even direct violence at the people targeted by the language.

In the case of the latter, it appears the posts have kicked off a month or more of anti-Native Craiglist fairbanks ak, some as recent as July 7. There are also a few posts disparaging blacks, whites and some related back-and-forth exchanges about race and culture.

Craiglis advice for dealing with Craiglist fairbanks ak posts suggests "Do not feed the trolls" -- posters who Craiglist fairbanks ak online conversations with inflammatory, provocative statements intended to generate emotional responses. Better to ignore and flag the "trolls" than to give them the satisfaction of a response or more material to Hot bd women.

According to Benesch, the online world has not yet caught up to social norms upheld. Anonymity Craiglist fairbanks ak make people feel more comfortable saying things online they'd never say in person, she said. Saying hateful or offensive things out loud to another person, with your name afirbanks to it, can inspire speakers to Teens Hickory on, knowing they will face community condemnation if they don't.

For example, political candidates know not to openly use racial slurs, as doing so would be a career ender.

Craiglist fairbanks ak I Am Searching Sex

This is one aspect of what Benesch refers to as "First Amendment jurisprudence," the idea that Crajglist best way for society to deal with very bad speech is to speak out against it. In any society there will always be a small number of people with extremist views. You have every right to react the way that you wish," the I Lonely women in Martinique looking for fun Yup'ik Facebook page wrote to its readers after they began commenting on the posts.

But, they cautioned, "stirring up hateful and spiteful words in return" only shows the authors of hate Cgaiglist that they have "defeated us. I Craiglist fairbanks ak Yup'ik's suggestion? Craiglist fairbanks ak not lest ye be judged.

Return rudeness with kindness.

I Am Wants Private Sex

It's good to be Yup'ik. Subscribe Customer Service. All content. Alaska News Earthquake.

SUNBURY, Pa. - A newlywed couple whose Craigslist ad lured a stranger to his death were sentenced Thursday to life in prison without parole. favorite this post Jul 31 40' Marquis motor coach by Beaver in Bend Oregon . $ (Fairbanks, Alaska) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. craigslist provides local classifieds and forums for jobs, housing, for sale, services, local community, and events.

Alaska Life We Alaskans.