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Cliche marriage advice

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One of the most common questions we hear is, "How do we make our relationship work?

But these commonplace sayings get repeated because they work. With this in mind, we pulled together 12 Cliche marriage advice that, in fact, reveal simple, tried-and-true advice for having a healthy, happy relationship. Read on and let us know what you think:.

Mind your manners. Variety is the spice of life.

Marriage Advice That You Should Ignore -

Studies have shown that Cliche marriage advice can lead to dissatisfaction with a relationship. Trying something new can be as simple as visiting an unfamiliar restaurant or as grand as a backpacking trip through Sri Lanka.

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Discoveries you make together will keep you feeling close. More from YourTango: The couple that plays together, stays.

Find a sport or hobby that you both love no, watching TV doesn't count and make it a priority in your relationship.

Camping, Cliche marriage advice, building model trains Clliche right.

In order to have productive arguments, keep these rules in mind: Don't call your spouse names. When things get really tough, take a break from the argument.

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Don't initiate a discussion when you're angry. I'll scratch your back if you scratch.

Those pieces of 'advice' that you've heard SO many times that you just can't help rolling your eyes at? Here are mine: 'As long as you're married. With this in mind, we pulled together 12 cliches that, in fact, reveal simple, tried- and-true advice for having a healthy, happy relationship. Much of the cliche marriage advice you hear in the media can actually be counter productive. Find out here which counsel you should ignore.

No one likes demands unless you're in a BDSM role play but everyone can appreciate a compromise. If you want your lover to do something and you're not sure he'll be agreeable, the quickest way to avoid a confrontation is to sweeten the deal.

For example: Two heads are Cliche marriage advice than one. Cliche marriage advice

12 Pieces Of Clichéd Marriage Advice That Actually Hold True | HuffPost Life

Being in a relationship mqrriage means you've made a Cliche marriage advice you've not only joined assets but inherited the other's problems as. Rather than looking at his problems as merely his own, tackle them.

For example, if he's gaining weight, rather than pushing him to diet on his own, enroll in an exercise program. Strip Clubs Saved My Marriage.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Maintain your own friendships and occasionally have a night out without your significant. Doing things without your S.

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And in case the relationship doesn't work out, Cliche marriage advice still have your friends. Sound it. In other words: Talking out the tough subjects -- money, religion, fidelity, raising kids -- will not be the most fun you've had, but it'll be valuable.

Laughter is the best medicine. Learn to laugh at yourself and at silly mistakes.

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Keep your advive on the prize. Yes, he forgot your co-worker's name for the tenth time, but it probably doesn't mean he doesn't care Cliche marriage advice you. If you keep your perspective fixed on the goal -- to be in a happy, functioning partnership -- you're less likely to get tangled up in every minor annoyance.

The Only Marriage Advice You'll Ever Need. By Laura Schocker. November 10, Pin More. View All . It's a Cliché for a Reason: Make Time for Date Night. Every couple should read these marriage advice tips collected over 13 years. Those pieces of 'advice' that you've heard SO many times that you just can't help rolling your eyes at? Here are mine: 'As long as you're married.

Remember, you both want the same thing. Quitters never win. Find a ritual and keep it alive, no matter.

Whether it's always kissing each other Pomeranian puppies for sale okc Cliche marriage advice, renewing your wedding vows every year, sleeping advive as late as you want once a month or committing to adivce sex once a week, pick something that makes you both feel good and stick to it, even when you're tempted to skip.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going Studies show that couples who seek counseling during rocky periods are more successful in resolving their issues than those who don't.

Whether its from a religious figure, counselor or mental health professional, getting an expert to help sort out strife is as wise as forgoing self-installation and hiring a plumber to put in a new sink.

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