Midweek Inspiration // Series

One of my favorite things about being a bibliophile is purchasing the newest sequel in one of my most beloved series, especially when its cover fits in perfectly with the rest of the books. So this week, I’m bringing a bit of book cover inspiration in series form. I’m definitely guilty of not buying a hardcover book if I have the rest of the series is in paperback, or vice versa, even if it means having to wait a little bit longer to read it! And you’ll never find a movie poster cover on my bookshelves if I can help it. 
Take a look at these pretty series covers, and happy reading!

Harry Potter //
Photo via WeHeartIt
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo //
Photo via Puzzle & Tea
The Hunger Games //
Photo via WeHeartIt
A Series of Unfortunate Events //
Photo via Tumblr
Pretty Little Liars //
Photo via WeHeartIt
Gossip Girl //
Photo via WeHeartIt
Harry Potter //
Photo via Tumblr

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