An Abundance of Katherines // Nail Art

Colin has a thing for girls named Katherine, just like I have a thing for awesome books and fun nail polish. So I have to be honest, this post was a blast to work on! I love the simple, white cover of John Green’s An Abundance of Katherines, and the seemingly hand-drawn images and words gave me so many fun ideas for what to paint on my nails. 
I love a bright, white nail, so I was happily inspired by the novel’s cover. Other than the heart, I wasn’t too keen on the idea of having any of the little drawings (especially a parabola!) from the cover on my nails, so I knew I needed a couple of other fun images to use. I loved the use of footnotes throughout the book, so that was definitely something I wanted to incorporate on my nails. Also, Colin continuously refers to his heartbreaker as Katherine XIX, which gave me another cute idea for my nails.

As far as actual products I used for these nails, the white base is L’Oreal I Will, with accents of Ciate Mistress for the heart and Twilight for the numbers. The consistency of I Will is a bit hard to work with, as most bright whites are. It definitely takes a couple coats to get it smooth and without streaks. And like always, I love my Ciate mini polishes, so those are always a blast to use.

I’m on a John Green kick, so get ready for a review for An Abundance of Katherines soon! Happy reading!


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